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Wood or similar filler

I live in /own a farm house , about (50)fifties era , i found a small spot on one windowsill ,about 2X1 with dry rot, I recall reading somewhere that a wood filler is available to patch and sand , offered I think for older homes, Can anyone advise me the product name and where available to buy. It was featured for renovation purposes . (exterior). Thanks a bunch
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A. Spruce
Re: Wood or similar filler

I typically use water putty to fill exterior voids. It's easy to use, sandable, and paintable.


Re: Wood or similar filler

The stuff i'am thinking about has a more solid texture and was made for the job I did imagine something like a resin easily adhered to wood , I guess some of the hardware stores may know .
this site could point me in the right direction. Thanks

Re: Wood or similar filler

for anything larger than 1/4" i skip wood fill and go to two part auto body fibrglass resin. or bondo as its more commonly known, it cures much harder than regular wood fill and is sandable. its best suited for indoor use. othewise youll need a epoxy fill.

At Home
Re: Wood or similar filler

As jkirk said, Bondo works very well. I've used it to repair several rotted window sills. When it starts to set up, it is relatively easy to sand/chisel/whatever. Once it completely hardens it is extremely hard and more difficult to work with. And, make sure that it is painted. Bondo will break down in the sun.

Re: Wood or similar filler

In some case its leave some bad marks, why its happen
any solution

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