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Wood burning fireplace without a masonry chimney?

In preparation for celebrating the 100th birthday of our Seattle Craftsman home - we have spent the past 3 years slowly rejuvenating it to it's original charm and lustre. One above-and-beyond item that we are considering is the addition of a wood burning fireplace to the living room. There is not a chimney in the location that we would like to install it but it is fortunately an exterior wall. The trouble comes in that this ideal spot has a single pane static (does not open) window located directly above where the fireplace would go (the window is above the the height of what would be the top of the proposed fireplace mantle) but it would be completely blocked by a brick chimney. Mostly the fireplace would be used for decoration and ambiance in our home but energy efficiency is important so if it can heat the house a little bit - then all the better. With all that said - here is the question - is there a good energy efficient option for installing a wood log burning fireplace (not interested in gas) into an exterior wall without having to install a masonry chimney also?

Re: Wood burning fireplace without a masonry chimney?

You are just joking?

Re: Wood burning fireplace without a masonry chimney?

Well no - I wasn't kidding...but thanks for the warm response.

I guess I don't feel like it was such a stupid question however so I'll explain where I was coming from in the hopes of regaining a shred of my dignity. I have seen free standing pellet and wood stoves in rooms that simply use a double lined metal vent stack to both supply fresh air to the fire and to exhaust the smoke. Do they make wall mounted wood-burning fireplaces with similar features so that you can run a metal pipe up through your wall or along the exterior of your house and up past your roofline? I wouldn't have a problem installing a brick lined fireplace enclosure but I'd like to avoid installing a full brick chimney all the way up past my roof line. Am I dreaming here?

Constructive criticism and explainations would be more helpful this time.


Re: Wood burning fireplace without a masonry chimney?

Most if not all prefab fireplaces use metal chimneys.
Look at Superior, Lennox, Heat & Glo, etc. to see how it can be done.
Flue can be inside or outside.
Wall mount I don't know, they are usually floor mounted.

Re: Wood burning fireplace without a masonry chimney?

Thanks! That's what I needed to know. I'll look into it a bit more at the local hearth&home store.

Re: Wood burning fireplace without a masonry chimney?

1. Remember that the only bad or stupid question is the one that is not asked! Keep asking.

2. Check out Morso wood stoves from Sweden. They have some interesting designs that might fit your needs. They are sold at various places in the USA, although you may have to travel a bit to get one. I have the tiny 1440 squirrel stove and it is of exceptional quality.


Ron remodeler
Re: Wood burning fireplace without a masonry chimney?


My uncle has what is called a Chinese chimney with a fireplace facing an outside wall with a picture window over it.

However it is masonry but 8 feet away on another wall.

The smoke goes up, over the back , down, under the floor and up another wall. To induce draft the chimney is abutted with his boiler to keep the draft available however there may be otherways.

The Chinese used them to heat the floors of their buildings by startinga fire in the normal chimney then in the adjacent one as the normal one was closed off.

Similar to a glenwood kitchen stove when you switch the exhaust gas to heat the oven.

I have no idea where he got the plans as he built this 40-50 years ago.

Re: Wood burning fireplace without a masonry chimney?

Yes, and the plains Indians in the USA built teepees made from trees and skins and exited the smoke from fires though the tops of said teepees.

Though in a severe down draft?

..... Cough, gasp, gasp cough, cough.......!

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