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Wood beams

I am considering putting up two solid wood beams in my sun room. There is a 15 foot span and I am wondering if these would "sag" after time? The beams I am considering are either a 6 inch or 8 inch... most likely, the 8 inch will win out.

Re: Wood beams

Are these structural or just aesthetic.

The properly structured structural beam won't sag for a very long time

If you're looking to install aesthetic beams I would go with faux beams made of ply wood.

Re: Wood beams

Actually, the room I'm wanting to put them in has a problem with the ceiling cracking. The room is an addition to the main house, and was built as a deck would be built (using 4X4's that are sitting on a concrete pier. I never did have an engineer look at it, but a couple of (self proclaimed) carpenters said they thought the weight of the snow is causing the walls to spread a little, and thus the ceiling cracks. The cracks open up in the winter months and close during the warmer months.

So, I was hoping I could attach a "shelf" on either side of the wall, lagged to the studs in the wall. Once that was done, I was hoping to put a beam (15 foot span) and lag it to the (already) lagged shelf. Hoping the would help prevent the wall's from "spreading".

So I guess the answer to your question would be, both structurally and for aesthetics. The beam I'm wanting to put up is not an engineered beam, but a rustic wood beam.

Re: Wood beams

Well, thanks for the replies I did get. I'll keep checking to see if I can find an answer to my question.

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