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Wise to Loop Hotwater Baseboard Heating to Garage?

I am putting an endless pool in my one car garage and was wondering if it is smart to loop the hotwater baseboard (we use oil) into the garage (our livingroom and den are sandwiched between the garage). It should be well insulated and the pool temp. will always be maintained to about 86 degrees.
We have a separate zone for the first floor. I want to use the pool for about 45 minutes a day and live in NY and want to be comfortable when swimming but am not sure if it is cost effective to have it running continously. I know electric heat is expensive and I was reading on Dayton Garage Heaters and wasn't sure what direction to go. Any advice would be most appreciated.

Re: Wise to Loop Hotwater Baseboard Heating to Garage?

If your garage is well insulated and you have an insulated garage door you should not have much of a problem adding baseboard or some radiators to the garage, I install a lot of electric heaters, baseboard, wall mount, radiant floor, and overhead heaters, all of them are expensive to operate, but they are easily installed that is why most people have me install them in places they only need supplemental heat for short periods of time like during the few winter months. If you already have hot water heat and your boiler can accomodate the extra load than that is the way to go, it might cost more to install ,but you will save money using your existing equipment! Good Luck!

Re: Wise to Loop Hotwater Baseboard Heating to Garage?

to add to the previous answer. if you're going to branch off of the baseboard in the adjoining rooms to run a piece of baseboard heat to the garage, why not have a zone added for the garage. since you're doing 3/4 of the work to install a new zone the added cost wouldn't be that great. then you can install a programable thermostat in the garage to kick on every day an hour before you go for a swim and go of when you're done. with Foster Pex tubing it's a pretty simple job for a plumber.

Re: Wise to Loop Hotwater Baseboard Heating to Garage?

I'm wondering if it's even necessary. If you have the water temperature at a constant 86 degrees, that alone with the extra humidity should give a warmth to the space, assuming the insulation is as good as you say it is.

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