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Wiring pool pump in New York

I have a question on adding a new circuit for a above growing swimming pool. I just got my permit for installing the pool and got the ok with my plans. My issue is tryying to find straight answers on all the codes. My local permit office goes by the 2010 residential code of NYS, and I have a copy her but it does not answer some of my questions. The electrical inspection I will go through is very tough and want to get it right the first time. Here is a few questions I have, some general and some to do with code.

1) I will have a 85 foot run from box to pool pump. 25' in basement and 60' from basement wall to pump.
Do I need 10 g THHN/THWN wire or is it a bit over kill. 115v pump pulling 10 amps. Or is 12 ok with 20 amp GFCI

2). The pool pump will be a detected circuit, but need to add a separate convenience outlet 10 foot from the pool. Can I run both circuits through the same conduit and branch the convenience outlet line off to its location? Or will I have to have 2 separate lines. I would rather no have 2 LB fittings out the side of my house.

3) Any problem using NM wire through my basement and tying it in to THHN/THWN in the junction box before going outside the house in the conduit?

This is not a complicated project, I'm very capable of if the project...I'm just unclear on some code issues.

Any tips, or suggestions welcome.

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