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wiring my gecko rack system

Hey everyone!
I know this is kind of off topic, but it really seems to be the only place I think I could find someone that is willing to help me. Besides, I grew up watching This Old House!

As you can probably tell, I breed geckos (leopard geckos exactly). Well I just finished building my first rack system, and I couldn't remember how the wiring worked exactly. See, I have 4 shelves on top, each running 4 ft of heat tape along the back, totaling 40 watts. The bottom shelf I have only 1 ft of heat tape, totaling only 10 watts. My question is, if I wire it in parallel, will the bottom be able to run the full 10 watts, and the top 4 run at the full 40 watts. Or will the whole dang thing run at 10 watts?

If that doesn't work, is there some way I can get each strip of tape to run at full power?

Thanks in advance,


Re: wiring my gecko rack system

Yes .... wiring them in parallel would allow each to run at the rated output.

Re: wiring my gecko rack system

Thank you sooooo much! I thought it would, but I wasn't totally sure.

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