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Wiring help/advice needed

hello everyone

I have an electrical issue i need some advice on.  right now my central ac system is actiing up (happens evertime it gets cleaned except this time its not resolving itself).  i have a 5k but window unit in my window right now but it sucks, its cold air but the fan is so weak even on high it can't keep the room cool.

anyways my house is old, built in 1959 so the eletrics inside are not designed for all this modern fancy equipment we all use.  i am wanitng to get a couple of window units but one it works alright with (unless its a 10k but then it flips the breaker) but more than one and i run into trouble.

basically two and a half bedrooms are all on one 15 amp breaker,  chaning the wiring and inside stuff is expensive,  told if i start messing with the inside panel (no extra slots avalable) i have to replace the panel and breakers resulitng in much more work and cost than i can afford.

my outside panel though its much newer (about 10 years old or so) and i believe has plenty of open spots left.  i was thinking at least to tap into it and add one or two outlets in each of the back room,  thinking one in each room maybe two in the one, just so it can have or take the load off the other stuff maybe be able to support a larger 10k btu window unit etc.

this seems straightforward i think but electrical i don't want to mess with and make a mistake.

so my question is what do i need to look at to get this done,  the one room already has a semi hole drilled in it from prior eletric when this same thing was done.

i have a 200amp panel and service.

attached is a picture of my outside panel box.






Re: Wiring help/advice needed


Hire a licensed electrician.


Handy Andy In Mt Airy NC

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