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Wiring Books

I just put up a 28 x 40 pole barn and to save money I am going to wire it myself before the electrician comes out to hook up the power. I have done some small electrical projects, but nothing this big. One corner of the building will house my food processing area which will operate my stuffers, meat saws and slicers, etc... I will want an outlet on the outside of the building to operate my small smoker, when doing smaller batches. another corner will house my little workshop, which has a small 110 volt welder.

Could you recommend some easy to understand books.

Thanks in advance


Re: Wiring Books

Many of the books I've seen are basic how - to wiring general receptacles , lights , dishwashers , bathroom GFCI , etc. and rarely get into various specific equipment outside of those.

You might discuss with your electrician about the requirements and layout.
He'll know the local codes and can advise you what's what and where.

Make a deal where you'll do the rough in and he can do the final hook up.

Just a thought. :)

A. Spruce
Re: Wiring Books

I personally like "Wiring Simplified". It is clear and easy to understand and will walk you through everything from setting the main panel to installing the last cover plate. With each new addition of the NEC code book, Wiring Simplified gets updated to reflect the changes.

Canuk's idea of working with the electrician to take care of the rough in is also an excellent way to reduce costs and still get the job done right.

Good luck with your project, let us know how it goes.

Re: Wiring Books

I would suggest as Canuk has stated work with the Electrical contractor. There are a lot of codes to do with machinery, food, and water. It is not as simple as wiring a home. What you want to do might not be code compliant. Resaulting tearing out what you have done and a big waste of time and money.

Re: Wiring Books

Thanks for the Suggestions, I will be doing the rough in and he will inspect my work, and hook up to the panel and call the state inspector.
He will be out this Monday to run a line from the meter to the house and pole barn he will set up the panel in the barn but not connect that line up yet, then he is giving me some tips and will return in a few weeks or whenever I call to hook it up.

Re: Wiring Books
asc2078 wrote:

I came across an obscure item a while back that has been a tremendous help when I am doing any electrical work. To anyone not totally familiar with electrical requirements, I would recommend that you order this set of residential electrical diagrams that I use.

It is the best thing of this type that I have seen. It is printed on blueprint size sheets with large, easy to follow, full color, wiring diagrams, for all aspects of residential electric. It shows the proper gauges of wire that should be used with various breakers, for various circuits, etc. It is also a great item to keep around for reference for any type of electric repair work that you might need to do. I used my first copy so many times that I wore it out and ordered myself a second one. I do not loan out my good copy to my friends anymore because they do not want to give it back.

It is actually a set of electrical guide plans that is designed for people that are trying to build their own home. It normally comes with house plans that you can purchase from Home planners incorporated. Eplans.com is the same company. Because it normally comes as part of their full set of home blueprints, you cannot order it separate off of their web site. You can however call Eplans at 888.846.8188 and ask for Dan. He will sell their "Electrical Detail Set." to you separately for $14.95 + shipping. Just tell them that you want to order a copy of their "Electrical Detail Set."

I also use my copy as a helpful guide for purchasing all of the correct wire and parts when I am doing my electrical projects. I am quite experienced with electrical work but I don't do it often enough anymore to remember everything. This thing is great for amateur do-it-yourselfers or professionals.

I Hope this is helpful.

If all else fails you can ask Leslie:)

Re: Wiring Books

I think all of the ideas about wiring books are excellent and I am glad you are getting the help of a professional electrician. I think if you leave the live wiring to your electrician you will do well. One book I haven't heard being mentioned though is Readers Digest Complete Do It Yourself Manual. The book is very basic but gives you most of the basics you need to get started and talks about more than just wiring. I have used my book quite often for information on various home improvement projects and I highly recommend it. It isn't too expensive either and the last I heard it is still being published and updated every year. I think too I have heard that from the same publisher The Family Handyman magazine publishes various books that deal with just one subject wiring etc.. Both books should be availabe in any good book store. Good Luck!:)

Re: Wiring Books

WIRING A HOUSE, by Rex Cauldwell would be on the top of my list. I believe the book has just been upgraded with all the code changes as well. Top notch stuff there....

Re: Wiring Books

I second the recommendation for Wiring A House by Rex Cauldwell. It helped me quite a bit when I wired my house a few years back. Having a licensed electrician inpect the work and pull in the service is also smart.

Re: Wiring Books

One corner of the building will house my food processing area which will operate my stuffers, meat saws and slicers, etc...

I'm not familiar with the book mentioned but I would have to say that most books I've read don't deal with machinery wiring, mainly common household wiring.

Re: Wiring Books

wiring schematic included with controlight 'device' for controlling exterior lighting on barn. www.controlight.com


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