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Wiring a basement ceiling for a projector...

The basement ceiling is open so the joists are exposed. I need to run the wires through about 8 of the joists. But there is a fresh air intake for the HVAC system that crosses the path. So I was going to use conduit to run the wires in.
But I'm wondering if drilling out 2" diameter holes in the joists will weaken them and possibly cause structural damage?
What type of conduit should I use?
How close can HDMI cable be to electrical wires?

Re: Wiring a basement ceiling for a projector...

In my part of the country we don't have basements, but we have garages. In garages, wiring has to be in metal conduits. Logically, basement wiring should be the same, but check it before you start.

Regarding the duct, you'll have to find a way to go around it without disturbing it.

Regarding the holes, why do you need 2" holes for 1/2" conduits?
Check with your local bldg dept for their codes regarding drillind and notching joists - where and how big.

Do all your prep work before you start.

Re: Wiring a basement ceiling for a projector...

Thanks for the advice dj1.
I was thinking that the conduits would need to be 2" to get the HDMI and CAT5 cable through?
The connector ends on HDMI cables are about a 1/2" wide, so trying to snake them through the bends in 1/2" conduit wouldn't work.
I will check the bldg dept for code. Thanks again.

Re: Wiring a basement ceiling for a projector...

HDMI and Ethernet (Cat5) cables are low voltage.  No need to run them in conduit.  Just install so they look presentable.   Power wiring in basement ceilings can be in conduit or MC cable but, non-metallic sheathed cable (Romex) is the norm and less expensive.   Getting around the duct work makes things little harder.  Run the NM cable below the duct / joists and provide Protection from Physical Damage by using a piece of PVC elec conuit at that location.  Metalic Conduit (EMT) can also be used, just remember to install plastic bushings on the ends.

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