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wiring in 1957 home

Can anyone tell me what the grey wire is in a box that has two hot(black)wires, one neutral, and one grey wire. The current receptacle has three polarized plugs with the neutral and grey on the same side. Thanks for any help.

Re: wiring in 1957 home

What you should have is two hots a neutral and a ground.I really don't understand the rest of your question,but if you're confused,you probably shouldn't be poking around in the box!:confused:

Re: wiring in 1957 home

Gray wire is probably a dirty white wire.

Re: wiring in 1957 home

Some of the neutral wires in my 1958 house are gray instead of white. Get the advice of an electrician as getting it wrong is very dangerous.

Re: wiring in 1957 home

have come across yellow switch wires that were originally thought to be white also. you need to trace and test the circuit.

guessing or mistakes can be costly.:eek: if unsure hire a qualified person to determine for you.

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