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Re: Wires going over studs (remodeling kitchen)

That is exactly the point. A new product may be to code, but sometimes it's not as good as the product it was made to replace.

Re: Wires going over studs (remodeling kitchen)
Fencepost wrote:

Supposedly, these connectors from Home Depot can be installed without junction boxes and concealed in the wall. The manufacturer cites NEC article 334-40b as permitting it.

Your mileage -- and your inspector's opinion -- may vary.

I think we can all expect a code change in 2014. lol. i agree with the j boxes in the cabinets. I have installed many in commercial settings where the needed the option for later to have plugs, etc. the only problem i see is still needing the slack to put in boxes in the wall to stick through the cabinet. re routing is of course the answer but it may still be tight. good luck and dont use those in wall junctions. good luck and be safe. greg

Re: Wires going over studs (remodeling kitchen)
jkirk wrote:

im with gizmo, even though it might be a good idea. ive found that not only are boxes but wiring from home depot are usually of lesser quality than that sold at a electrical wholesaler but also more expensive.

last year i built a custom home and the homeowner insisted in supplying all the electrical and wiring so to save money on the markup teh electrician makes off of supplying materials... funny thing was it ended up costing her an additional $1000

just courious, have you had the same experience at lowes, ace, etc...?

Re: Wires going over studs (remodeling kitchen)

If junction boxes are installed maybe the drops to the switches or receptacles could be replaced with a longer wires.

Might even get by with a single junction box with multiple circuits in it, using this method.

I would not hold my breath on a Code change with the "no box, stab connector". Look how long we've had back-stab 15A devices.

Good Luck from Columbiana, Alabama
Maurice Turgeon, http://thesemi-retiredelectrician.com


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