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winterizing water , septic system

I am purchasing a house that has a well and septic sytem and because my job requires me to be on call every other weekend and to be on the job during the winter months I would like to winterize the plumbing system. How do I make sure that the submersiable pump is ok and the water tank and pressure tank inside the house as it will not be heated. Also do I need to do anything to the well itself since it will not be used for 4-6 months.

Re: winterizing water , septic system

The submersible pump should be deep enough that it won't need any winterizing. The water tank/pressure tank should have a drain valve on or near it. Turn off the electric to the pump, drain the tank, & leave the drain valve open. That's it!

Winterizing the toilets, water pipes, etc is harder.

Re: winterizing water , septic system

Thanks Dave,

That is what I thought I had to do but wanted another view of the problem. Thanks again.

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