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winterizing a washing machine?

Hi everyone. I have a question about getting a washing machine ready for the winter at a cottage we shut off the heat at. I always drain the whole plumbing system and have been doing that for years, but we now have a washing machine and I am not 100% sure what is the best way to winterize it. I will remove the water lines and drain them and then run the washer to try to move what ever water is in the system to the tub, but then I am just assuming some RV anti freeze and let it do the drain cycle and that should be good enough? Any though if I am on the right track or if anyone has a better idea?


Re: winterizing a washing machine?

When you disconnect the water lines, set the washer on fill and pour the antifreeze in the lines. hold the end of the line as high as possible. That will open the valves and allow the anti freeze in the water lines and valves inside the machine. Then turn the machine off and pour the antifreeze in the tub and spin out. Once done unhook the drain line and put near the floor in a bucket to drain as much as possible.

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Re: winterizing a washing machine?

I winterize cottages in NH and I always put a few cups of biodegradable camper antifreeze in the machine and run the pump on drain.Anything left in the pump will be the antifreeze and will pump out in the spring.

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