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winterizing appliances

I am installing a new kitchen in a weekend home in a space that will remain unheated during the week. All the plumbing (pipes) will be run in a chase that will be heated by an adjacent room and will be drained at departure as well. My concern is the dishwasher - any thoughts on how to heat only the area below the dishwasher to prevent any water left and/or the cellaniod(sp?) from freezing?

Re: winterizing appliances

I guess it depends how cold it gets,but a Goldenrod placed under the dishwasher might keep it from freezing. It is a metal tube usually gold in color that is water resistant & will provide a gentle heat. They are othen used in boats or gun cabinets to dry things out. They come in differnt lengths & wattages. As I recall they use about 40 watts when on.

Re: winterizing appliances

You might run this past an appliance repair person , but I'm thinking that the dishwasher might be OK . If you drain the water lines , you will create an air space . Any water left in the system will have someplace to go when it freezes and expands . ( If it even freezes at all .) How cold does it actually get in this house , anyway ? Seems like it would be in your best interest to keep some kind of heat going , just to keep it slightly above freezing .

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