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How can you find honest people to replace my windows in my house. Ive :eek:read if the windows are not installed right the water, when it rains, runs down the wall.

anyone have any experience with this and advice on who to look for?
Thanks ruth mcgill

Re: windows

Finding a window contractor is just like finding any trade contractor. You need some luck too. If you don't know one personally you have to:

- Ask your friends, neighbors and family members for recommendations.
- Invite local contractors to bid. Get at least 3 bids.
- Check their background, prior experience, check their references. Make calls. Ask around.
- Ask at window sotres for local installers.
- BBB, ads and yellow books are not the best sources.
- Follow your gut feeling about the contractors, your communications, understanding, their presentation and behavior.
- When you select one, make him put everything in writing.

There's a lot to check...and you may still end up with a less than perfect contractor.

Re: windows

To above list, I would add:

- Don't give any money up front except, perhaps, for a token earnest money payment. Any contractor that doesn't have a line of credit at the window supplier is probably not on good economic footing.

- Don't pay the final payment until you are completely satisfied. Once the contractor has your money, you have lost your biggest leverage toward getting satisfaction.

- If windows are being delivered from the supplier directly to your home, insist on a "Waiver of Lien" from the supplier before you make your final payment to the contractor. If the contractor did not pay the supplier for the windows now in your house, YOU are liable for their cost and you will lose in court if the supplier goes after you!

Why does it make a difference if the windows were delivered to directly from the supplier? Because he knows that the windows are now in your house. If the contractor picked them up, God only knows where they are at.

Re: windows

window installation isnt the easiest thing to mess up, many installers do the least amount of work possible usually which will end up leaking. few do it the way i install windows which is pretty much bomb proof let lone water proof

best way to install a construction window when there is no siding in the way

1-to install a vycor or blueskin drip pan on the r.o's sil,
2-from there run a bead of caulking around the sides and top of the rough opening,
3- set the window into the opening. shim it up with 1/2" blocks to create space for insualtion, from there level the bottom with shims, tack nailing flange
4) level the sides- tack nailing flange at corners
5- nail off the nailing flange
6- seal the side nailing flanges with blueskin or vycor, then
the top flange
7- bend up aluminum flatstock to create a cap flashing, when installed it should be set into a bead of caulking at the edges and the top edge. then run another strip of vycor

8-start siding

you dont have to ask the contractor all this, just ask if they seal the window with both caulking and blueskin, dont accept red tuck tape over the nailing flange this product loses its stickiness after a couple years and has been banned in western canada for this reason

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