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I had replacmemt windows put in my house 3 yrs ago .This was to take care of a drafty house. It didnt work . I never thought that the new replacment windows could be the problem until the other windy day I noticed that cold air was leaking past the window stripping and coming threw the sides of the sash . I talked to the manufacturer of my windows who told me all double hung windows leak air . That because I was overly sensitive to the cold that I noticed it ,and to give him a week to figure out how to fix this problem. I did talk to other window manufacturers who told me that you should not feel any wind leakage until around 50 mph sustained winds. I told this to my window guy and he said they are lying to me, that all windows leak air at low mph winds . Who is telling me the truth? The day I noticed my windows leaking air, the wind was blowing about 20 mph gusts. HELP!!!!

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Properly manufactured, installed and weather stripped they should not leak.

Re: windows

Windows are NOT!! supposed to leak air unless the sustained winds are far above the test level. Read the specs for your window and it will tell you the air infiltration test level is. It is probably .07 or something close to it, depending on the quality of the window. Your window guy is a scam, the fellow that mentioned the 50mph wind speed is telling the truth. You either have a faulty window or a poor installation and possibly both. One other consideration is that it is an extremely inexpensive window and you get what you pay for. I would have the Supervisor of the window guy you are dealing with visit your home and arrive at a solution. If the company sold you the window and installed them I would force them to make it correct. If they only sold them to you then I would talk with your installer and have him figure out what is wrong with the window. The seller is going to blame the installer and vice versa so be ready. Good Luck.

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