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Window Sill Help

Hi All,

Doing a DIY mini kitchen makeover and having trouble with our window sill. The bottom piece of the original window molding was rotting from water damage (From the faucet/sink spashes over time). I ripped it off and decided i'd like to replace it with a ledge and will tile underneath. i also ripped off the cove type molding on the interior of the sill to make room for the ledge.

The current sill is 4 inches deep, I'm looking to extend the ledge out by an inch. i bought a piece of ledge molding (not even sure if Im using the right terms here...) but it is only 2 inches deep leaving quite a gap between the ledge and the window. What are my options? My thought is to buy a piece of wood to fit in the gap and then use wood glue to adhere them together? Any easier/smarter solutions?

I took a picture and attempted to upload it but its not working for me.


Re: Window Sill Help

If you need 4" wide, why did you get a 2" wide? You can install a 2" filler, but it won't look as nice as one piece.

Check the stores again and get the right piece.

Re: Window Sill Help

Because i was careless and in a rush. I didn't realize the sill was that deep and was under the impression that it was a "standard" piece of molding. When I called to ask, they (HD) said that they don't have anything that comes in that depth.

Heading back now anyway because the underside of the molding that should slide/lock onto the sill is not cut at a 90 degree angle so even if I cut the ledge to fit, it would slant down once i installed it. Assuming that means I didn't really purchase ledge molding?

Re: Window Sill Help

It sounds to me like you bought a sill and what you need is a window stool.


Re: Window Sill Help

I use 2 windows in kitchen , now it's make real freshness by the natural air. I agree with the writer that windows is helpful yet. If you need real life carry then make your house with real windows.

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