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Window Run-A-Round

Purchased older home that had new vinyl replacement windows put in by previous owners. Past 2 years they have been leaking cold air in winter.
Had 2 different independant companies come out to give me their input. Both stated that they felt there either wasn't enough insulation between the new windows and the sides or none at all. One said that if the windows had been made 1/4 of an inch smaller, that would have allowed more room for insulation or more of it.
The original installer,manufacturer and the window sales person all came out today to replace all of the weather stripping and fuzzy pads. They maintain that there WAS insulation placed.
Question is: If I have someone remove the worst window and find that there is indeed NO insulation, or too little; HOW to handle the situation? Window manufacturer states these windows are under warrenty to us as the first buyers from the original owners. Installer at first was willing to help with problem. Today upon further questioning him he seemed guarded and difficult when I stated that if problem is still there in winter, will have to look at further options.
ANY advice from the experts out there???

Re: Window Run-A-Round

If the issue is drafts originating from the perimeter of the window frame and the wall structure then likely they weren't insulated properly or at all.
In this day it's quite common and a simple method of using spray foam from a can to fill the voids preventing air movement. Hopefully they didn't use the outdated and less effective method of jamming fiberglass insulation.

The windows may not need to be removed but rather the trim around the window may be removed and reveal if there is insulation , what type , and how much. If there is a need to add insulation it may be applied at that point.

Ususally the window manufacturer may transfer the warranty to you ....however this usually covers defects to the window units themselves and usually not the installation.

Hopefully you can work something out with the original company who installed the windows to correct the issue for little or no cost to you . Otherwise you might end up having do this yourself or convince the manufacturer to intervine.

Hope this helps. :)

Re: Window Run-A-Round

I agree with canuk. Your best bet is to remove the trim from around one window and check out the insulation. You might have to cut the sheetrock back a little to see the gap between the window frame and the rough framing. It sounds like the windows were not installed properly.

If you find that it is not insulated properly then if I was you I’d call the installer and very politely request a meeting with them. Tell them you’ll have the local building inspector out to inspect the installation. Be polite but firm. If they are a reputable company they will want to stay on good terms with the building inspector.

Re: Window Run-A-Round

Sherry H.

I did contact the original installer. He came out and insisted it was a weather stripping problem so he replaces the weather stripping. A few days later there was a much colder evening with some wind. The problem was still there. When I reapproached the installer, he became very defensive and started throwing an issue of the warranty in my face to which I replied that the warranty is transferrable to me. He said he would get back to me and never has!

The problem has been discovered to be that the windows were jammed in and are NOT plumb!, so we can't have them reinstalled because the aluminum is now warped. New windows seem to be the only remedy.

Have called the distributer. OH, heck--I'm going to use real names. The mfg. AMI, the distributer is Alside and the installer was GMS. AMI and Alside seem to be one in the same. The tech from Alside and Alside's manager seem to be protecting the installer from all of the conversations I've overheard.

Any other help before I go the litigation route???

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