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Window leak coming from top of window frame

House is a manufactured home with original windows, window leak is on east side of house. Does not leak every time it rains even when it rains cats & dogs. Leak coming from top of window frame. With previous same window leak I re-cauked 'lip' above the window frame, leak stopped. Couple years later leaked again in same area. Removed old caulking and re-applied. I was very liberal with the caulking and made sure the whole lip was covered (no breaches). Two windows side by side with space between both windows. Lip goes across both windows as one. I caulked (outdoor caulking material) the whole thing.

Above the leaking window frame area is a gutter and roof extends over where is gutter is attached to the house.

Previous to having new 'roofover' vinyl, I had a problem and I fixed the leak with caulking. Didn't have a window leak problem again until after 3 years of new vinyl roof was applied. I am pretty sure this is not a roof problem. Where could this leak be coming from. The drips are now funneled via aluminum foil attached to the bottom of the window and caught in a continer on the floor. No more wet floor but need to find this leak.

Strange occurance happened yesterday. The rain had stopped for about two hoursprior, then all of a sudden I heard dripping on the foil. What in the world was that about. it wasn't even raining. I have also found the outside window wet by the rain, but window didn't leak.

Re: Window leak coming from top of window frame
pattyjo wrote:

House is a manufactured home.....

That creates a whole different picture here as these are nothing like a stick-built home no matter what a sales rep tries to tell you. The water can be coming in virtually anywhere above the window top, running along a drip-egde or other trim piece, then running down into the window. Most of these windows are set into what is called "window tape" in that industry (note that this is NOT the soft-flashing window tape like VyCor etc. that we use on stick-built homes). The same stuff is used on RV doors and windows. That is your primary water seal here and you may end up having to take the window unit out to replace that tape. That will require removing the "L" shaped flashing above the window and getting to that will require loosening sections of the homes metal skin (if it is metal). On these with siding, the window tape is applied on top of the sheathing.

Yeah, I've done these things. No, it's not worth the effort. This is why manufactured homes are always a losing proposition in the long run. Good luck with the leak- you're going to need it and have to keep redoing the fix every few years as the caulking or sealant lets go or ages. When a dry spell comes, sell the place and let someone else worry about it- then use the money to pay down a on a real house where the effort you put into it will be worth it.


Re: Window leak coming from top of window frame

The leak can be coming from a few sources, which makes your job of solving the problem, much harder.
How old is this home?

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