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Window casing leaks.

I have 3 Windows in my bedroom. One slider with 2 picture Windows on the sides. 

The slider window casing leaks from the top whenever there is heavy rain. It does not leaks right away or constantly. Leaks starts after a few minutes of heavy rain and stops when it's slows to a drizzle or light rain. 

We just had new windows installed but nothing changed. Still leaks the same way. 

We have a tile roof and there is nothing under the tiles. Basically you can see the bottom of the tiles from the attic. The attic is almost inaccessible where the leak is.

Re: Window casing leaks.

There is no way that we can tell you what to do about this. Since you changed the windows, and the leak is still happening, the window was not the problem. You need to chase the the water up. If you can see the tiles from the attic, that is not good. It is most likely that the weight of the tile is causing the issue. Their own weight is causing the sagging, which opens a small crack. Water will come thru a hole the size of a stick pin.

One thing that may help, is that you can place aluminum foil in the attic in one place for the next rain. Do not cover large areas, only where you see water tracks on the underside of the roof, or on the joists. If you hear drips ding the next rain, then you have found the area. You just have to trace back further. Also on a sunny day, look for light coming in thru clay tile. Look from the ground also, look for tile that is cracked, out of place, missing, something stuck under the tile, anything out of the ordinary. This may take a long time to discover where the water is coming in.


Handy Andy In Mt Airy NC

Re: Window casing leaks.

The problem should not have occurred again after changing the window, as you are saying that it still prevails then you should check the insulation. If there is a problem with insulation then, the foam adhesive can be used to insulate the window completely, which you can easily get at shops nearby.

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