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window air conditioner mounting issue

i am in a 6th floor apartment with casement windows with marble sills. Just bought an a/c unit which requires that the mounting bracket be screwed into the sill, which i cannot do. any suggestions to overcome this obstacle is appreciated. i looked and found no other threads on my dilemma...

Re: window air conditioner mounting issue

I don't know if you have one of the support bracket kits (a steel bar with an "arm" that goes against the outside of the building or not (that is what I use). I guess I would first say that you will hopefully have a tiny 5000-6000 BTU AC, which is pretty light. Then, if I could not drill, I would consider using epoxy to hold the bracket, but that might be hard to remove and damage the sill. Barring that, I would try the industrial strength velcro.

Re: window air conditioner mounting issue

Cougars 1996 Brings up a good point about the epoxy, you are going to probably ruin the sill. As far as the velcro, I would be uneasy do to the fact that 2/3 of the weight of the air conditioner hangs outside of the window. I would buy heavy "L" brackets and mount them outside the window and put a shelf on them. Next, buy some flexible strap at the home center and secure it to the shelf and run it inside the window and secure it to the wall below the sill.You will have to remove the window sash and now install the housing for the air conditioner. Once the housing is secured put the air conditioner in it, make sure through all of this you have at least 1/2" of fall to the exterior so the water will drain. You can make a framework for above the air conditioner and put a decorative panel in it or insulated glass. Make sure the framework is fastened securely in place. Use some foam rubber to fill any voids on the sides or between the a/c and the framework. Hope this helps.


Re: window air conditioner mounting issue

Perhaps a better solution would be to take the AC unit back and get a portable AC unit and a piece of Plexiglas big enough to cover the open window. Cut a 4" hole in the Plexiglas and attach a piece of PVC for the flexible hose from the portable AC unit. The Plexiglas can be installed with silicone caulk or double backed tape.

Re: window air conditioner mounting issue

How to Fix a Window Air Conditioner

Remove the front grill. Pry it off with a putty knife if it's held by clips, or use a screwdriver if it is screwed in place.

Step 2
Unplug the air conditioner, slide it out of the window cabinet and set it on a sturdy table. You may need a helper to move the air conditioner if it's heavy.

Step 3

Locate the mesh filter. It covers the radiator-like fins on the machine's evaporator coils.

Step 4

Remove the filter, and wash it and the grill in a mixture of warm, soapy water and bleach--this will remove any mold. Shake out the excess water and set the filter and grill in your dish drain to dry.

Step 5

Vacuum the evaporator coils thoroughly, using a vacuum with brush attachment. Remove any stubborn dirt with a plastic scrub brush.

Step 6

Inspect the fins on the coils. If any fins are bent or flattened, buy a fin comb from an appliance store and run the comb up or down the fins to straighten them.

Step 7

Turn the air conditioner around so the back is facing you. You will see a second set of coils--the machine's condenser coils.

Step 8

Vacuum these coils thoroughly, using the vacuum and brush attachment. Remove any stubborn dirt with a plastic scrub brush.

Step 9

Inspect the fins on the condenser coils, and if any are bent, use the fin comb to straighten them.

Step 10

Remove any dirt or lint from inside the unit, using the vacuum and crevice attachment. Make sure you clean the fan blades, too, using the vacuum and brush attachment.

Step 11

Put the air conditioner back into the window cabinet.

Step 12

Reinstall the filter and front grill, and plug in the machine.

Re: window air conditioner mounting issue

i am agree with jathomps68. if you follow given steps then i think your problem will be solved. you should try it.......

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