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Will wrapping the wires be safe?

In replacing a light, I have these dandy wires in the ceiling box that look like they've been twisted one too many times. The birds nest up in the box is all secure, but the two I need to connect to have totally lost part of their insulation. There is not enough wire length left to cut and strip a new piece. Is there a safe way to do this without paying an electrician to fish new wire? Is plain electrical tape ok or is there another product...maybe a heat shrink tubing I'm not aware of that can be used for house voltage? Thanks!

Re: Will wrapping the wires be safe?

Electricians tape can dry and fall off. You can use heat shrink, I would suggest putting one on and shrinking it and the slid another on so you have a double layer. The insulation on the wiring has dried out and become brittle and you should consider updating the wring before you have a fire.

Re: Will wrapping the wires be safe?

I'm thinking I might have an electrician come check it out and see how expensive it would be to rewire that box. It's a kitchen light so it's probably had more use than any other in the house and is hopefully the worst.

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