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Will this work?

I am going to be putting in a water feature in the spring and was wondering if this would work.

I am going to be digging a 10 ft round by 5 ft deep pond on the top of a hill that will have a waterfall on one side that will run down a slope 30 feet long into a second 6ft by 4ft pond. Where the water will be pumped back up the hill to a fountain in the middle of first pond.

My question is on waterproofing both ponds and the stream so they don't leach into the ground, causing them to go dry.

Has anyone ever used (or thought of using) spray-in rubber bedliner?

If it will work then I could build the ponds and stream how I want them shaped without having to use preformed liners. I could just dig it out spray the bedliner on the ground in multiple coats and fill with water and go.

Whats everybody think?

Re: Will this work?

It might work on your two ponds, but I'm not sure it could work on the 30 ft long slope.

Re: Will this work?

What happens when the ground shifts in the winter?

Re: Will this work?

The product is designed for a hard base with limited movement so it is impossible to even guess if it will work on soil that is constantly changing.


A. Spruce
Re: Will this work?

Do some research on how to build ponds and water features. It is not rocket science and you do not have to re-engineer the wheel to do it.

The first thing you'll find is a product called pond liner. The second thing you'll find is that you can do any type of free-forming you want with this product that is specifically designed and made for what you're wanting to do, unlike bed liner.

The next thing you'll need to know is what it's going to take in the way of pump and plumbing to handle the water requirements of your plan. (hint: water is heavy and "gains weight" with each foot rise in elevation you're trying to push it.)

You should also research what it takes to keep the water clear while supporting plant and fish life. The best advice that you can be given right now is to thoroughly think through exactly what it is that you are trying to do and to correctly design and build the system to support that plan. DO NOT cheap out and think you'll get by, you won't, and the money that you do put into this project will be wasted.

Re: Will this work?

To keep the level of the ponds constant, especially when the water is running and it rains / drought, build a hidden reservoir that collects the excess water from the ponds when the flow is turned off and sends the excess rain water out somewhere to keep the lower pond from flooding. This cistern can also be fitted with a float to add water to itself automatically in times of drought/ evaporation. The level of the float is set below the operating level when the pumps are on.

The pump is in the cistern. The water flows from the cistern to the upper pond, down stream to the lower pond, which has an overflow pipe which goes to the cistern completing the circle. This way the only water level that varies is in the hidden cistern.

Re: Will this work?

Thanks for the advice.

I am in the pre-designing phase and was just wondering if anyone had ever used bedliner before.
I will probably go with a proven method but just happened to think about using the stuff after seeing it in someones truckbed.

As far as the water requirements go, I own a water well company so all the scientific equations to make it work, I can take care of.

Again thanks for everyone's advice and any more is appreciated :)

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