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Will grass grow in 2" of soil??

I just removed an old 2" thick concrete and asphalt walkway and found 1/2-2 " of sand. I would like add about 2" of soil to bring the area up to the the ground level next to the old path, plant grass and then create a flagstone walkway on the new lawn. This is not a heavily traveled path. Will this work, or is the sand going to make it impossible to grow grass with only 2" of topsoil?
I don't really want to dig out all the sand, but don't have the money or time right now for a new brick walkway.


A. Spruce
Re: Will grass grow in 2" of soil??

The grass will grow just fine in what you describe. At most, you may need to fertilize more frequently in this area until the grass is established and rooted down below the sand.

Re: Will grass grow in 2" of soil??

Thanks, now I need to get busy :)!

Re: Will grass grow in 2" of soil??

If you have access to a rototiller or have a strong back (or have a shiftless, teenage son you can put to work), mix the fill soil into the sand. That may give you better results. Even if you don't do that it should work, but you may need to water more heavily in that area as it will drain much faster than the rest of the lawn.

The title of your post reminded me of the septic tank at my parent's house, which wasn't buried very deeply (about 2" below the surface). Every summer, the lawn would brown-out there, first. Contrary to Erma Bombeck's assertion, the grass was NOT greener over the septic tank.

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