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Why such a high kwh usage?

We had a very high power bill last month and decided we needed to reduce our usage in any way that we could. For the last month we have been keeping a fire going and turned down the temperature in the house 2 degrees. I noticed that with the warm fires and reduced temperature the the heat was not cutting on during the day, only at night when we were not able to keep the fire going.

To my surprise, our power bill for this month shows an increase in 800 kwh used. :confused: I contacted the power company and they indicated that the meter was correct and could not be malfunctioning. They said that we need to change the filters every 2-3 months and have the coils in our heating system cleaned. I change the filters consistantly, but I have never heard of having the coils cleaned (we are recent pipe radiant/oil converts.)

Is there a looming problem with our system that has caused the increase in kwh even with the heating system running at least 50%less than the previous month? Any suggestions would be extremely helpful. Thanks!

Re: Why such a high kwh usage?

Could you post back to specify exactly what type of heating system you have now.

You mention filters and coils and using a lot of kwh but I'm unable to determine the heating plant you have.

Re: Why such a high kwh usage?

We have a forced air electric heat pump. Thanks for your help.

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