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Whole House Water Pressure

We purchaed our 55 year old home from the original owner. He had replaced the water heater twice during his ownership. We replaced the current 40 gallon water heater with a GE 50 gallon one. Everything worked perfect for two weeks. Then, as you are running the cold or hot or both at the same time anywhere in the house, the pressure drops to a tricle for approximately 45 seconds. I have checked the valves leading into the house and at the water heater. They all work properly. The ONLY thing different was the old water heater had a 360 degree turn in the hot water side and the new one does not. I have checked the pressure at an outside faucet, and get a standing pressure of 56. When we turn on a valve it drops to 34, then to 5 for that 45 seconds I discribed. As I stated, we had great pressure and volume before the water heater was replaced. Now.....I have a wife that is about to have me sell this house and move! What have I missed? What can I do now?

Re: Whole House Water Pressure

Are you on a private well or public water supply?

If a well, do you have a pressure tank? If public water, do you have a pressure regulator?

Double check the valves that were shut off for the heater replacement by having the faucets open while closing and opening these valves. Have your wife watch the flow from the faucet while you close and open these shut off valves.

Re: Whole House Water Pressure

water main runs thru wall....valve...pressure regulator...meter....valve....and out.

Public water system.

On the old tank....hot water line exits the tank...did a 360, yes full circle and on to the hot water lines.

Why would the pressure be fine for approx 3 minutes then shut douwn? It seems that if a valve were at fault...there would be NO or LOW pressure or volume from the start! Would the valve be bobing up and down?

Re: Whole House Water Pressure

Sounds like the 360 turn on the hotwater side may have been some sort of thermo expansion system instead of using an expansion tank?

You might need to install an expansion tank to the cold water (inlet) to the hotwater tank.

Check and clean the filter in the pressure regulator valve.

Possible faulty pressure regulator.

Re: Whole House Water Pressure

I have seen the 360 or 'S' trap type set up on the line from water heaters before. The thinking is they keep the heat in the water from rising (heat rises) through the hot water pipes to the rest of the house wasting energy from the WH. I am not sure if it is effective at all. I guess the test would be to measure the temp of the pipe before and after installing a "trap".

Re: Whole House Water Pressure

I think that you might have a defective or damaged diptube. in the water heater. Remove it inspect it or just replace it. it could be crushed or kinked or something. If it turns out that this is the problem and you fix it stick out your chest and slam the messed up one onto the counter of your supplier and YELL, " What kind of Micky Mouse *** expletive deleted *** are yall trying to pull here. You are causing me problems. That is no good. You're killing me with this junk!!" HAHHAHA

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