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Whole House Surge Supression

Do you recommend the use of a whole house surge protector being added to the main service panel during new construction / remodeling? How are these sized / rated? We are planning a major renovation to our home that includes upgrading the electrical service entrance to 200 Amp, and would appreciate your recommendations seeing as today there are so many electronic devices attached to the electrical system. Thank you!:)

Re: Whole House Surge Supression

They do offer an element of protection for the entire home electrical system from transient voltage surges on the power line.
However, nothing will absolutely protect against a near or direct lightning strike.

This link has a discussion relating to whole house protection

In general there are two point of service types --- at the meter base --- inside at the panel .

You will still want to use point of use types --- power bars , etc. --- for the electronics inside the home. The reason being there are also surges that are generated within the home from motors like those used in HVAC , washing machines, dishwashers , etc..

Hope this helps.:)

Re: Whole House Surge Supression

i wouldnt bother with putting a surge supression in if it was me. our company has installed many new and upgraded services, we have never put one in. plus your homeowners insurance would cover lighting damage, at least mine does :)

Re: Whole House Surge Supression

Not saying whether or not to install them.
However, a couple years back a good friend suffered a huge surge knocking out pretty much every and anything electrical.
Yes --- the insurance company covered it --- cost him $500 deductable.
His insurance went up 40% as a result of the major claim.

After installing a point of service TVSS at the panel for $250 which also entitled him to a 10% discount off his insurance---- so doing the math --- if he had that in place orginally and protected from the major surge --- he would have been well ahead in dollars and cents.

Re: Whole House Surge Supression

PUT IT IN. For complte protecion you need protection at the service entrance, and a high quality point of use surge strip / outlet. For a few hundred bucks you can protect thousands in electronics. Nothing will protect against a direct strike but a high quality 2 stage system will protect against almost anything else. You can get a whole house surge for just under $100. Most also offer their own insurance. Eaton's whole house 3 part system will pay your insurance deductible. Do it.

Re: Whole House Surge Supression

After doing some reading and posting to this board, I just put in an Eaton (Cutler Hammer) SurgeArrest Ultra (available at Lowe's). $55 for the loadcenter mounted surge protector and about $25 for the breaker required to install it (it takes its own 2-pole breaker). Most of the ones I have seen either wire to a 2-pole breaker or are in the form of their own 2-pole breaker.

I think that for about $80 (did it myself), the possibility of saving all of the hassle of replacing destroyed TVs, refrigerators, microwave, etc. is worth it. My neighbor had a terrible time having to deal with all of this 3 months ago.


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