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white vinegar and concrete

I have heard that white vinegar before you paint concrete works
quite well but the vinegar will in time distroy the concrete.
Is this true ?

Re: white vinegar and concrete

Cant say Ive ever heard that.

If thats the case I wonder what it does to our organs when we add it to our cooking recipes............. :confused:

Re: white vinegar and concrete


Acids are frequently used to etch the surface of concrete prior to painting. Vinegar, which is a solution of about 4% acetic acid could also be used for this purpose. As to long term damage, the acid itself will eventually reach a neutral state as it reacts with the alkaline concrete, and no longer be able to cause damage.

Re: white vinegar and concrete

what their describing is also used for exposed aggregate, when this type of concrete is used the finisher will go over teh concrete with a light spray of a release agent type of acid which breaks up the very top of the concrete so the aggregate will show when they go back over it with a pressure washer to wash away the "cream" from the top layer

Hank Bauer
Re: white vinegar and concrete

In the stucco trade Vinegar is used to expose the aggerate after repair to old stucco this method will blend the new and old.
Also vinegar is used to lower the PH of new stucco.
Also vinegar is used as a neutralizing afterwash after paint removers are used.
Also used to clean efflorescence from brick, stucco and limestone.

Re: white vinegar and concrete

interesting hank, ill have to jot that down in the old memory bank. cool bit of info though stucco is virtually non existant here

on what homes around here do have it, its crumbling on off the homes

Re: white vinegar and concrete

The acidic effects (and pH) of the vinegar will quickly be neutralized by the masonry within a few minutes. We wash masrony (usually tile work) with white vinegar all the time. We'll use half a gallon to clean bad grout haze for example. You can hear it fizzing, which stops within a minute of application or so. Plain water washes away any of the now loosened dirt and grout haze.

Just keep the vinegar out of your eyes and you'll be fine.

Re: white vinegar and concrete
aseyfried wrote:

Vinegar has been made and used for thousands of years. Traces of it have been found in Egyptian urns dating from around 3000 BC. According to Shennong's Herb Classic, vinegar was invented in China during the Xia Dynasty, around 2000 BC.

***,that quotes from From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia word for word...............

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