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Which type of adhesive to use

What is the correct type of adhesive to use when tiling shower walls and ceiling? I have just read two responses from Joe Ferrante and in one article he is using mastic and in the second article he is using thinset mortar with a latex additive. I thought that mastic was a no no for wet area's. :confused:


Re: Which type of adhesive to use

You are correct. Mastic is a no-no in wet areas. So is drywall as a substrate if you want the job to last.

Use concrete backer-board and thinset. Then seal the grout once it's dried/cured.

C Ed Wright
Re: Which type of adhesive to use

What goldhiller said.

Here's a suggestion for grouting with unsanded ("wall") grout: Fill overfull, let firm up, then using a damp sponge, rub the grout down lengthwise to the desired height & width. You will end up with much more smooth and even groutlines, and smooth means little or NO tendency to grow mildew. You have a few days to do this, but only a few, and the grout gets harder each day. The sealer is also good here. Consider a penetrating solvent sealer such as 511 -- shtinks a little but works better. Apply, wait five, wipe away & polish with cheap washcloths from Wal-Mart. Use what my Dad used to call "elbow grease;" JFK called it "great vigah."

The above DOES NOT work with sanded ("floor") grout, which will simply shred the sponge once it has firmed up. Everything about the sealer and polishing the new tile still applies, however.

Re: Which type of adhesive to use

Thanks guys for the fast response. I appreciate the help.

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