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Re: Which Table Saw
rdharb wrote:

I'm trying to decide between one of the bosch table saws or porter cable. Anyone have any suggestions: which is better and why?

alot depends on what you are using it for.... or price range.
furniture or just cutting an occasional board?

Re: Which Table Saw

for construction and possibly cabinetry

Re: Which Table Saw

I don't know all I have ever owned is delta or grizzley

Re: Which Table Saw

I agree totally.

Did you see the episode on Ask This Old House where they demonstrated the Saw Stop? Tom Silva had a hot dog on a piece of wood and pushed it into the blade. The blade stopped as soon as it touched the hot dog. There wasn’t even a scratch on the hot dog.

I am in the process of buying tools and so I bought the Fine Homebuilding and Fine Woodworking Tool Guide (2008). The SawStop (Industrial Grade) was rated Best Overall (editor’s choice) and Reader’s Choice. This is what they said about it:

Easy-to-change riving knife, revolutionary blade brake, large paddle switch is easy to operate but slow to reset if motor stalls; blade cartridge must be switched for dado blades; extension table and legs optional. The price listed in the book was $3200.

So if you value your lunch (and your fingers) this would be a good choice.

Re: Which Table Saw


Sorry to hear about your accident. I wish you a complete and speedy recovery.

You are right – nobody ever thinks it will happen to them. A guy at work lost 3 fingers to his table saw several years ago. I bet he’d be willing to pay big $$$ to get his fingers back. Did anyone notice the guy who was putting in the kitchen cabinets on the Newton house? He was missing his left thumb. He is a pro. Yes, the Saw Stop is more money then the other saws. Think of the “extra” money as insurance for keeping your fingers. It is the saw that I’m going to buy.


Re: Which Table Saw

Thanks all for the input. Just a refresher...I'm looking for suggestions on a tablesaw. Which is the best to buy? I'm not looking for stories....so if you don't have a suggestion please don't leave a comment! Thanks

Re: Which Table Saw

If the SAW STOP saw is comparable to Powermatic as the add inferred then that is your choice. Powermatic is the goldstandard of tablesaws. Every cabinet and and trim mill shop I've seen has them production and custom shops alike.

Re: Which Table Saw

You still haven't given a price range so here's several
Hitachi 10" table saw you can get it at Lowe's for $499 and is quite impressive
Bosch 10" job site table saw any where from $599 to about $1100
Grizzly Table saws full range from contractor to cabinet saws
And as mentioned before Sawstop

And if you don't want comments I would suggest you buy a Fine woodworking tool review or Wood magazine tool review rather than visiting an open forum for advice. Congeniality goes a long way around here.

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