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which primer?

The paint in our shower was peeling and mildewed. I haves scrubbed w/bleach and TSP-PF, sc****d, sanded,vacuumed, scrubbed, and spread drywall compound on the bumpy and/or checked but tightly adhering surfaces. Now waiting while it dries so i can smooth it./ Sponge vs sanding paper?

The people at my local hardware store recommended Zinsser Cover Stain oil base primer= ***** label. My paint store recommended an enamel underbody and semi gloss alkyd. The Zinsser can says that you should not use TSP- I already had even though I wiped the walls again with just bleach and water. Should I use the Benjamin Moore enamel underbody or the Zinsser?
Oh, this has been SO much more work than I had planned on!
Thanks, Barbara

A. Spruce
Re: which primer?

First, it sounds to me like you've got a severe moisture problem that needs to be addressed before you attempt to repaint with anything or you're just inviting all the original problems back. Invest in an exhaust fan, if you've got one, then A - is it large enough, and B - is it properly ducted to the exterior of the home and not just venting to the attic.

Second, whenever you wash walls down with anything, you always follow up with a couple of good rinses with clean, clear water to remove any chemical residues that can hinder paint adhesion - that includes bleach residues. The saving grace here is that it sounds like you've floated out the walls with drywall compound, which will isolate any residues from the paint, so it should be fine.

Third, no special primers should be required. I've remodeled many overly moist bathrooms, rectified the moisture problem, repair the walls as you've described, and used standard primer, typically Zinnser Bullseye 123 (blue label ), and semi-gloss paint. An alkyd paint is a little harder than latex so that if / when mildew returns, it is more stain resistant, but alkyds will stain and propagate mildew just as effectively as anything else if your moisture problems are not addressed.

Re: which primer?

Thanks, A.Spruce.

Jack of all trades
Re: which primer?

Water,steam and moisture are destroyers of paint. Use industrial,commercial grade oil base. Oil and water doesn't mix. Cars are painted in calif. with water based alykilyd enamels and primers because of chemical laws. It rains alot in calif. Go Figure! Sizzler is designed to resist mold bleedthrough and mold formation. It's good paint and Primer?. I would suggest to forget the paint and get a slip in tub, shower liner made of fiberglass that matches your configueration. Home depot has them as well as Lowes. Goes in like a shoe goes on. Cement it in place. Bingo! done, problem solved. Home depot has do-it-yourself seminars to do all kinds of home re-modeling, that included.

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