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Which Paint is Better for Exterior???

I am told the leading paints for exterior paints are Ben Moore and Sherwin Williams. Anyone know how True Value Exterior Paint is? Does anyone out there in TOH member land know anything about T V paint at all? Here is my home and I am having a difficult time figuring out what color to paint the siding, trim, door, etc. Help!!! 1963 raised ranch, original asbestos siding, never painted...still very intact and good cond.

Options: 1 yellow w/ white trim; 2 cream with sage green trim; 3. sage green with light off light green trim; or your choice??? is 4.

Re: Which Paint is Better for Exterior???

Cnsumer Report just did a review of exterior paints in its June, 2010 issue.

As previously noted, there is a wide disparity among pros & DIYs as to which paint is best; Sherwin-Williams Duration & Sherwin-Williams Superpaint (~$50/gal) is among the most expensive, but highly rated by pros; Benjamin Moore also gets good marks by some.

The sites below have numerous web sites to check out before you buy.

Consumer Reports is available free at public libraries, or Google "exterior paints" reviews.

1) California Fresh coat Velvet Flat at $35/gallon
2) Behr Premium Plus Flat at $19/gallon
3) Valspar Duramax Stain at $35/gal
4) Behr Premium Plus Semi-Gloss at $25/gal
5) Valspar Duramax Flat @ $33/gal
6) Olympic Premium Flat @ $19/gal
7) Olympic Premium Semigloss @ $22/gal
8) Olympic Premium Satin @ $21/gal

Home Depot or Lowes carries Behr, I don't know who carries the others.


Re: Which Paint is Better for Exterior???

Thanks Dobbs! I appreciate the information.
Interesting that not BM or SW came in top 8, huh? I think people have their favorites. I had never actually heard of California paints, turns out they are in MA. Go figure!
I like Behr, used it on my old house. Just wondering though, if you had an option of semi gloss or flat only on the exterior siding, which one looks better? Thanks again:)

Re: Which Paint is Better for Exterior???


Just a few thoughts on paints:

Choose only 100% acrylic resin exterior paints which have only titanium dioxide resin as its pigment. The term "latex" has become a generic term for meaning water soluable.

You cannot judge simply by price or national brand, As the Consumer Reports rankings indicate. Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore paints are grossly over priced. I say this as one who used Benjamin Moore for years as a contractor. Customers like to see a big name brand and it is prudent to pander to their prejudices.

Decent exterior paints can be had in the mid-20 dollar range. Superior exterior paints can be had in the mid-30 dollar range.
The Behr and Glidden brands fall into this range. There is admittedly a professional painter bias against these "big box" brands. I sell Behr and have used both the interior and
exterior versions in my own house and give them my personal recommendation. The new super premium Behr Ultra Exterior has not yet been rated, due to Consumer Report's lengthy testing procedure, however, I fully expect them to be highly rated. The Ultra Interior paints swept their categories against the big named brands and cannot be beaten at their price point! Sherwin-Williams and Ben. Moore are 15 to 20 dollars higher in retail price!

The Ultra line is being nationally advertised for its self-priming ability. Its "Nano" technology gives it an extremely dense film which is stain resistant and inherently mildew resistant, although all Behr paints also contain mildecides.

As to flat or higher sheen: I personlly like a flat finish on surfaces that have a lot of texture, such as your manufactured shingles. Satin is, however, somewhat easier to clean. Satin is more common on trim areas and semi-gloss on doors and shutters. Semi-gloss tends to make the color "pop" more.

Color is highly individual. Most manufacturers print broschures with suggested schemes. Also, many have computer programs which will allow you to see their colors on a typical house or even a photo of your house.

Going over original manufactured shingle siding, I would plan on a full prime coat, followed by a finish coat. You have stated that you possibly would like a yellow or cream color. These colors tend to have poorer blanking ability and a primer would be advisable to achieve the desired results. Also, have the primer tinted close to the finish coat color. This will improve coverablity and result in a truer color.

Re: Which Paint is Better for Exterior???

Thank you very much. I appreciate all the information!
I thought I liked yellow or creamy yellow, but keep on changing my mind, it's like the house is saying "I really don't want to be yellow!" ha ha
If you can suggest a color or two, we have very hot summers and so I need something that looks good and will last a long time. I hear yellows in our neck of the woods, no matter what the paint doesn't last. Any suggestions??? Here's the house currently. What color is it calling out??? ;-p
Thanks all.

Re: Which Paint is Better for Exterior??? WHAT COLOR???

Thanks for your input. WHAT COLOR??? ;-)

Re: Which Solid Stain is Better for Exterior???

I am not sure yet how to post an "original" question, but can anyone recommend to me a specific brand of solid stain to do an old rough cedar exterior? Originally I used some sort of clear product, but it has not been painted for many years and it has discolored, etc. Consumer Reports seems to be in love with Behr products, but the painter wants to use Sherwin-Williams. Cost of stain is not an issue for me - I am willing to pay whatever it takes for the longest-lasting product. We live in Houston which is a tough climate on any exterior material. Thanks

Re: Which Paint is Better for Exterior???

You have been told correctly. The best exterior paints are Ben Moore Moorgard and Sherwin Williams Duration Exterior. Pittsburgh Paints Manor Hall Timeless is also in the same class. I never use Behr, though they have good marketing. True Value is consumer quality paint, not in the same class as these others, but of course the others also make lesser quality paints. Pittsburgh makes the Olympic paints sold at Lowes, and they are consumer quality as well. Sherwin Williams makes cheaper contractor and consumer quality paints, and so does Benjamin Moore. Sherwin Williams SuperPaint is probably the best value for the money, and is the base quality paint that I will use, nothing of lesser quality is worth the investment in labor and money. The Ben Moore Moorgard is a little different in that it has some alkyd polymers added to the acrylics which give it some of the good properties of an oil based paint but without the negatives. It has a harder, less flexible membrane. It is more difficult to apply and you will need to clean your equipment with mineral spirits after cleaning with water to get the gunk off. Sherwin Williams Duration is very good and easy to use, and gives more dry film thickness. It has more sheen than the Moorgard, and more acrylic polymers. I highly recommend using eggshell or satin rather than flat. I never use flat paint unless the customer insists on it. As for color? Please yourself...you come home to your house every day, and pick the color scheme that makes you feel good to come home. Paint is all about how it makes you feel.

Re: Which Paint is Better for Exterior???

Assuming good prep, etc...

I'll put ACE-Royal against 90% of the other paints out there!
* ACE has made their own paint (2 plants in Chicago) for 25 years now.
* Avg. retail is mid-$20's/gal. Also, thru June...there's a $5/gal rebate, limit 10 gal's.

C2 Exterior Eggshell is a VERY good paint!
* This would be a nice, subtle sheen for the homes' main-body.
* Satin or S/G for trims.
* This stuff is mid-$40's/gal.
* Not many retailers, but if you're near one...try it.
* I'd put this paint as one of the "Top 5" paints. Serious.

>>> The "BEST" paint out there...? Has to be FPE. NOT cheap...but probably the BEST available. NOT kidding here...


Re: Which Paint is Better for Exterior???

Unfortunately, Consumer's Report has not yet released its long term testing of all major brand exterior paints. If, however, its testing of exterior paints by Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams mirrors their testing of the interior paints, Ben. Moore and Sherwin Williams will continue to hold the title for most over priced and mediocre rated! Both not only rated more poorly than others, but significantly more so! Yet, it was priced on average $20 or more per gallon higher!

The top rated exterior paint was Behrs Premium Plus Flat at a mere $20 per gallon.

In their recently released interior paint rankings, Behr Ultra was top rated in every sheen category, yet it was priced only in the low to mid $30 range.

In the interior flat category, Behr Flat Enamel came in on top at a mere $17 per gallon.

I would agree that in the total picture of painting of house, cost of paint should not be the main consideration, but then, it is outright foolish to assume that cost brings you more quality either!

Contractors ( and I was one for four decades ) are creatures of comfort. They know the ideosyncrasies of a particular paint and are comfortable using it. This is of some worth. However, it often prevents them from trying new innovations.

I used Benjamin Moore's products for years. Customers liked to see that "name brand". Now that I am "retired" from contracting and selling Behr's products, I have seen the error of my ways :)
I have used the new Behr Ultra exterior and interior paint on my house and am thoroughly satisfied with them!

Amen :)

Re: Which Paint is Better for Exterior???

Well I would recommend using spray paint on an exterior door. The quality of most spray paint is not up to the job. and when it wears around the handles, it will be difficult to repair. But I use Rustoleum spray all the time. Usually out back near the field behind our house, with cardboard underneath.


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