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Which cement for damp basement walls?

I'm trying to dry out the basement in my 1929 1 1/2 story frame home built on a slab and cinder blocks. The worst seepage is in the lower foot of the walls, particularly where the slab meets the block. After cleaning and etching with Muriatic acid, which cement will seal this lowest foot up the best - hydraulic cement, portland cement, or sand/cement mix?

Re: Which cement for damp basement walls?

You'd most likely want to use hydraulic cement, as it expands a bit as it cures, and can be troweled on some pretty wet walls. Note, however, to get the best patch, you really need to open up any cracks a good bit (several inches if possible) to get as much cement in there as possible. It may not be possible to chip out enough of the slab though, and in that case, you might be better off with a different mix that can cure in wet conditions, but doesn't expand.

After patching, be sure to follow with a sealing paint/primer made specifically to seal wet concrete walls that expands into the cement to seal it off well.

Re: Which cement for damp basement walls?

I have had a similar problem, and from everything I have read it seems like Thoroseal is the way to go. I don't know if they have it at the big boxes, but I have seen it at Ace.

Re: Which cement for damp basement walls?

Using hydraulic cement is your best bet. I have used this product on water foutains under water to stop the leak from going through the base, it sets very quickly so I suggest you only use a small amount at a time. Good luck

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