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Where to put my faucet?

I purchased an apron (barn style) porcelain kitchen sink at a yard sale. It has only 1 wall mounted hole in the back splash. All of the faucets I've found are over $1000. I asked in another posting if there was a tool that I could use to drill 2 more holes in the back of this sink? Some nice person gave me some new ideas on drilling the holes just above the backsplash in the wall. Sounded like a wonderful idea. Since we are in the middle of purchasing the house I wasn't sure of how high the apron sink would set once in place. I measured yesterday only to find out that the top of my new apron sink hits at the very top of the window seal. The only thing I can come up with (other than forking out the BIG money on the single hole wall mount faucet) is to drill directly into the window seal. I don't know how that would work with water build up around the faucet when it is used. I'm thinking...wood rot??? Any new suggestions are welcome. I'm on a very small budget. I'm attaching a stock picture of the apron sink. This picture shows 2 holes in the back splash. My sink only has 1 hole. Here is a picture of the stainless kitchen sink that is in the house now. This will give you some idea of the amount of space I'm dealing with. (Sorry for the mess. It's not my house yet.) Thanks again.

A. Spruce
Re: Where to put my faucet?

You may be able to rent (or hire a plumber with one ) what's called a coring bit to drill the hole, that is if the sink is porcelain through and through and not cast iron or other metal that has a porcelain finish. Be advised that porcelain is extremely fragile and may not react kindly to being drilled. Go slowly, use light pressure on the drill and do not bind the bit in the hole or you'll have a nice pile of porcelain sink bits instead of a new kitchen sink. The other thing is that you'll likely have to drill two holes to accommodate your faucet because the existing hole is dead center of the sink and unusable if you want the faucet centered.

Good luck and keep us informed of your progress.

Re: Where to put my faucet?

Thanks so much for the advice on drilling the hole. At this point I think that's my only solution. If for some reason it cracks then I've just wasted a little time and $10. Plus I won't have that "I should have tried" nagging me.

Re: Where to put my faucet?

You might look for a 3 hole faucet similar to these http://www.sinksuperstore.com/Bathroom+Wall+Mount+Faucet.1.1.1271.html

Mount the spout on the sink back splash and mount the controls on the counter beside the sink.

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