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Where to place a slider door? Help I am Going Crazy!!!

The front of our home faces east. It has a deck that wraps around to the south side of the home which is covered. Our driveway, garage, mailbox, along with the entryway we and most others use is on the north side of the home. There is a chainlink fence with a gate along the whole back yard including the front (which will have a walkway leading to the deck). There is currently two doors leading off the front of the home(east side) about 12 feet apart, one in the hallway and one leading into the kitchen dining room, which the outside wall is indented (not the door with the address numbers next to it). We are trying to figure out if we should place the slider in the kitche dining room on the east wall or on the south wall. Would it look funny facing the front of the home (east side)? This is where we get the morning sun and you look out to an open field. It is also the larger part of the deck 16 ft from the house to the end of the deck. The south side is 7 feet wide and looks out to houses.

Re: Where to place a slider door? Help I am Going Crazy!!!

Just from your description of what faces the south wall (houses) and the east wall (open field) I would go with the east wall. Especially if on the inside you have a place to sit and look out. Besides you looking out, the other houses would be able to look in! :eek:

We have a slider on our kitchen that we are able to sit at the table and look out. It is a favorite spot to birdwatch the feeders that are in the backyard as well as keep an eye on the youngsters as they play. Ours has been in for about 15 years, is used very often (4-5 times per day) and I am surprised at how well it has remained airtight.

Just a thought, we had to watch the clearance above the rough opening for the wider door because of the depth of the required header. Don't know if you would run into the same issue we had.

Re: Where to place a slider door? Help I am Going Crazy!!!

We actually use these doors to access our deck and backyard but this the front of the house (read previous post). Putting the slider door on the east side of the house, which is the front of the house (where the numbers are in the picture) you would walk out onto the larger part of the deck and it would face the woods. Puttiing the door on the south side you would walk out onto the smaller side of the deck and face the neighbors behind us. Please help here are two pictures of what it might loook like.:confused:

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