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Where to get wood for pine floor???

OK so I have this old house....
I have about 900 sq feet of floor space that I want to put down pine flooring.
The floor currently has either carpet or oak hardwood.

I see ads for heart of pine, yellow pine, red pine, old pine, rustic pine, etc etc etc.

What about the No 2 Pine boards that Home Depot or Lowes carries. Could I use those with a router table to put the mortise and tendon on so they fit together? Is there a reason NOT to do this? Are there wear differences between the differences in the pine boards that I can see\read about on the web?

The house is a old mountain house that I wnat to keep looking rustic but I want to warm it up with pine floorings.

Thanks in advance!

Re: Where to get wood for pine floor???
jkirk wrote:

by mortise and tenon, you mean tongue and groove boards im guessing, you can skip the whole thing about going to hd or lowes and milling it yourself, goto an actual lumberyard or mill, they typically have it available

Opps....yes I meant T&G.

Re: Where to get wood for pine floor???

But should I be looking for a particular type of pine or type of milling....and why wouldnt the HomeDepot \ Lowes selection (excluding the t&g bit) be a good choice?

Re: Where to get wood for pine floor???

Hold on there cowboy!

I think you are mixing your thoughts up here. If you think that you will get a good, strong and well wearing floor by purchasing white or red pine boards from the big box stores, you are mistaken. You first mentioned "hearts of pine", I think you mean "heart pine".

Heart pine is the actual heartwood of the southern yellow pine tree. Since pine used to be quite large when it was logged some hundred years ago, the pine trees were able to grow large enough to develop heartwood. Put that dense, stable wood on it's vertical grain and you have a floor that is tough to beat. You can get this from reclaimed flooring supplier's, but it's fairly pricey.

Now with that said, there are still some good alternative for you that have a rustic feel. Have you considered a reclaimed barnwood floor (mostly softwood, so it might not wear well)? How about a roughsawn floor, doesn't need to be reclaimed wood so you save a little bit.

Hope this helps.


Re: Where to get wood for pine floor???

You can find both white and yellow pine at the Borges (HD and Lowes) however it is construction grade lumber which is not the best and usually too green for what you want to do. If it's to green (wet) you end up with gaps as the wood dries and shrinks.White pine is way to soft and seldom used for anything but framing. It would be cheaper and easier to go to someplace like Lumber Liquidators and buy flooring. They carry seconds but you have to check the percentage of waste that they post on the different flooring some as high as 30%. Heart pine, which usually comes from a reclaimer, is expensive. Quarter sawed (the end grain is up and down through the wood rather than across the wood) is the most reliable and least likely to cup but you wold probable have to go through an awful lot of lumber to find 900 sq. ft. of quarter sawed pieces.

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