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Where to find reclaimed Victorian staircases

My husband and I are starting the design process for our new Victorian (Queen Anne) home. I would like to find an ornate reclaimed wooden staircase to put in our new home. We live in Dallas Texas. Where might I begin to shop and is this a good idea? I am new at this!:)

Re: Where to find reclaimed Victorian staircases

Almost always a great idea to use reclaimed pieces from demolished properties. Prices of good condition architectural pieces from historic homes etc are not for the faint of heart. I see plain jane metal heating grates that cost as much as a steak dinner with two glasses of wine in shops around KC.

I did a google search on Dallas, architectural salvage and this place popped up. I would just start making some calls. You're going to be VERY hard pressed to find a full staircase and will almost definitely be doing some modifications to make it work for you. But worth it? I would say so! Can't beat the charm and character of an old ornate staircase. It will be the focal part of your home!

Look for one that hasn't been painted (easier to do what you want with it, if you're looking to stain) and inspect carefully to see what you're getting and if it's worth fixing up if necessary.


Re: Where to find reclaimed Victorian staircases

Several days ago I posted a message asking for advice about how/where could I to establish a value on the "Oak" Victorian staircase in our old house that we rent out. It is a Golden Oak staircase, still in original condition and has never been painted. It is very massive with (4) landing and tons of trim. It is truly a beautiful staircase, completely intact and still being used just as it was a century ago.

One of the replies that came in refered me to your posting in which you may be on the search of an old staircase (similar to the one that I have) for your new home (which appears to still on the drawing board).

You might want to look at my posting (see posting submitted by: bidsbybob) in order to read the description of my staircase and to see if this might be something you would might be interested in.

If,after reading my listing, you feel that you would like to see some pictures of the staircase or you would like some more information, just e-mail me at [email protected] or call me at (502) 839-6278. I live in Kentucky.

Good luck in your search.

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