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Where is Roger?

I noticed that Roger is not in the new episodes of This Old House in Rhode Island. Does anyone know why?

Re: Where is Roger?

could be do to other commitments as he does run his own landscaping company. another possibility is he might just be taking time away. ive noticed over the years he has a bit of a limp favoring his knee. possibility he may have had to get knee surgery.. its a pretty common thing to get done for those working in the trades.. i had my knee worked on just over a year ago and im a certified carpenter

A. Spruce
Re: Where is Roger?
jkirk wrote:

ci had my knee worked on just over a year ago and im a certified carpenter

You're certifiable, at least ... ;):p

Re: Where is Roger?

It's most likely due to the fact that him and Tom very rarely show up on the second project of the season as it is usually far away from Mass where they always do the first project. It might be in their contract that they only do the first project as they most likely have other contracting projects to take care off. Also I would guess that due to the potential of bad winters here in the Northeast these two projects were probably completed during the same time frame. Just my guess but it makes sense to me.


Re: Where is Roger?

dont make me post my red seal!!

and could be that also.. i know they are starting to use more and more local contractors as on screen guys for the projects

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