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Where have your tools gone?

Have you packed your tools and taken them off to some exotic work site? Or, did you hightail it to a disaster area in need with your toolbag in tow? Or, have you worked on a random and truly bizarre project?

Tell us where your tools have gone and/or your most memorable tool stories today!

Re: Where have your tools gone?

During the major remodel of my house I was not able to live in my house for about a year. It was easy to leave all my tools at the house and go their after work and on the weekends and just get right to work. It is a quiet neighborhood and the house is not obstructed by anything so I figured it was pretty safe. Well one Friday afternoon in May I brought a friend by to see the progress. At first I didn't really notice anything as I kept most of the tools in the basement out of the way. Anyway I realize that the back door is not shut all the way. OK I figure I just didn't close it all the way no big deal. Then I look over and notice my 12" sliding miter saw is not on its stand. Then the panic kicks in. I get down to the basement and all my drills, nail guns, saws, ladders, are gone. I go outside and the lock on my trailer is busted open and they got all the tools that were in there. Devastating to say the least. The real kick in the teeth however was when I arrive back at the house the next Saturday was they came back and stole the trailer (which I thought was securely locked enough) and my gas grill (which was chained to the shed). Insurance covered it all fortunately but then they dropped me and now I have to pay double on home owners insurance for at least 3 years. The worst part of it all however is not being able to have trust. When I was young we never had to lock the doors at my parent's house. Now there have been several times when I've had to turn around after leaving the house to double check that the doors are locked or that I remembered to close the garage door. I'm pretty sure I know who did it it but could not prove it so the police never found any of my stuff. Hope this is a good lesson to others so it doesn't happen to them.


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