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when to use a stapler

What applications would one use a stapler instead of a nailer and what would be the reasons for using a stapler

A. Spruce
Re: when to use a stapler

It would depend on the type of staple and the project you're working on.

Staples and composition roofs don't mix, the staples are too frequently installed improperly which decreases their holding capacity, which is low in an asphalt shingle to begin with. Standard roofing nails are the best fastener. For wood shake roofs, a staple is the best fastener to use.

For furniture it is ok, as long as the staples are used in hidden areas. The size of the crown leaves a larger mark that must be filled, leaving behind an unsightly blemish.

For outdoor projects such as making lattice, a staple will hold better than a nail.

Re: when to use a stapler

I would guess that a staple would be better when you need to fasten softer woods, where a finishing nail would pull through. Staples, of course, make a more visible blemish if you are filling before painting or staining.

Re: when to use a stapler

When installing hardwood flooring it is recommended that you use a stapler if the sub-floor is OSB but flooring nails if the sud-floor is wood or plywood.


Re: when to use a stapler

Geez ....don't start that again. :eek::p:D

Re: when to use a stapler

Lmbo....... :d :d

Re: when to use a stapler

Are you saying I should use duct tape to hang my sheetrock? Sounds like a 2-in-1 product. Holds the sheetrock in place AND covers the joints. Only problem is my wife doesn't want gray walls. :cool:

Re: when to use a stapler

we aren't going to go into this discussion again. trying to put me out of a job finishing drywall????:p

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