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when to reshingle?

Can anyone tell me how do you know when to replace the shingles on a roof.:confused: Had mine done about 15yrs ago. Major ice dams this year that backed up & leaked in. Had to replace two ceilings & three walls.:( Will reshingling help stop this or do I need to do something else.


Re: when to reshingle?

if your having leaks its definitley time to tend to that.

but overall, when you start losing shingle tabs or the tabs begin to turn up its signs they are worn out. another thing to consider is to the shape of the roof deck, if there are boards you should budget for the roofers to put down a layer of 15/32 osb or plywood to make a more even surface to shingle to

Re: when to reshingle?

New shingles will not prevent ice dams. If you do have roof damage and re-shingle, consider installing ice guard under the shingles.


Re: when to reshingle?

Thanks for your help :D

Timothy Miller
Re: when to reshingle?

What kind of shingles? If 3 tab asphault- average life 20 years but color of granual makes a diferende as does the pitch( slope of the roof) Sun exposure- shaking of the roofing ... Roof ages increase with the type and warranty, design of the shingle.
So ice dambs- these usually do not cause roof damage as the water simply enters from the sides of the shingles instead of running down off the roof. The larger issue Why ice dambing? Is your roof properly rented to let air in at the eve, bottom, andf out at the top or near the top , ridge cap venting or mtal or plastic square roof vents? If you do not have enough roof vents ice dambing is the result so is not enough insulation in the attic....
First address venting an insulation. The product to stop ice dambing water penetration of the roofing is ice and water shield . This is a 3' wide membrane that sticks to the roof decking, wood , and seals itself where nails are driven threw it. Its installed from the bottom edge of the roof and up about 2 foot up slope past the exterior wall. Adding another 3 foot up slope or more is a good idea too.

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