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When to paint new construction

I have received conflicting advise on painting the interior walls of our new house. Some say wait 1 year because of the nail pops. Others advise to paint before we move in. What is the best way to go?

Re: When to paint new construction

I would prime and paint before I get the CO (Certificate of Occupancy).
I wouldn't worry about nails popping out, because I only use drywall screws.

Re: When to paint new construction

Paint before moving in and before finish floors are installed if possible. Nail pops can be taken care of anytime. Be sure to save paint and label what room it is used in.
Somebody is confusing waiting to stain pressure treated wood with painting drywall. (This is one of the silliest suggestions I've heard in a while. Do you really want to live for a year with bare drywall and spackled joints?)

Re: When to paint new construction

I guess I wasn't very clear. The house is new construction but the builder only applies white paint to all walls. Thanks for you advise.

Re: When to paint new construction

Well that certainly makes more sense.
Painting before you move in is a lot easier, but it's up to you.
I wouldn't worry about nail pops. You will get them no matter how long you wait. I still get get an occasional pop after 20 years. You will probably get more in the first year, but they should be covered by the warrantee. Saving paint and the color will help any patches.
Any nail pops I get I repair with screws. Even if it means I pull the nail out and put a screw next to the original since pulling out the nail sometimes enlarges the hole too much.

A. Spruce
Re: When to paint new construction

If you are not satisfied with the paint grade and quality of work done by the builder, then have the place repainted before you move in, it will be easier and cheaper for all involved. Stick with a good quality, name brand paint, apply two coats.

As was said, make sure that all paint is labeled as to what it is, room specific if necessary. (example: interior wall, trim, bathroom, etc. )

Clean, well sealed cans of paint will store for several years.

Re: When to paint new construction

If any building codes apply it is almost universal to have all interior surfaces finished before a C.O. will be issued- and sometimes this also includes the garage :eek: Painting the color you prefer will be easier when unoccupied but it can be done later. Don't concern yourself with nail-pops; you'll have some and the builder should fix them during the warranty period (usually one year) then repaint with either their paint as built or yours as you supply.

I cannot fathom any decent builder painting only white except in low-end tract-built starter homes. And with a builder and situation like that, nail-pops are not what I'd be worried about- I'd be concerned with the hard-to-fix stuff that they will have cut every corner on in doing. Just sayin!


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