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Wheels For Storage Cubes

I bought 4 kits of closet-storage cube drawers. Only 1 cube is assembled, and it's been sitting on a dolly for about a year.

The drawers are something like this, except they are single cubes, not the double wide cubes shown in the picture:
I don't have handy the weight of each cube.

The dolly is a metal thing I got at Staples a number of years ago. I don't know what weight rating it is, but it is meant to hold file boxes (paper files). It is expandable, and I have it contracted to as narrow as I can get it. The one assembled cube is sitting on about 2" of metal front and back, but I can't contract the dolly any further, so the left and right sides of the cube are sitting on the front and back of the dolly - the sides of the dolly are not under the cube, they are just left and right of the cube.

One of the reasons I haven't assembled the other 3 cubes, which will stack on the already assembled cube, is that I can't decide on the wheels. Should I leave it on the dolly? I bought a set of wheels marked light duty - I'm not sure if the combined carrying weight of the 4 wheels is 50 lbs or each wheel can carry 50 lbs. The problem with them is that I'm concerned about drilling holes fairly close to the edge of the cube. Both the dolly and the wheels are able to move freely in any direction. I don't really need to move the stack of cubes much. Forward and backward would do fine - I just need to roll it out of the closet about 4 times a year in total to dust under it and to access seasonal things stored to the left and right of the the stack. I've seen self adhesive wheels with a carying capacity of a combined total of 250 lbs. $14.99 seems like a deal considering I don't have to drill. They don't look like they swivel the way the dolly and wheels I bought do, but I don't really need them to.

So, any opinions? Dolly, wheels I bought, stick on wheels?

A. Spruce
Re: Wheels For Storage Cubes

If you have a bathroom scale, you can get a pretty good guess what the combined, loaded weight of the storage bins will be. I would either build a dolly to fit the storage bins OR screw the casters directly to the bottom bin if it can support the combined weight of all bins being point loaded on the castors. As for the weight rating on the castor, each castor is rated for a certain weight, as long as the combined bin weight doesn't exceed the combined castor rating you'll be good to go. Also, it's better to get a bigger, stronger castor than what you need, the castors will hold up better and provide better service.

Re: Wheels For Storage Cubes

Alas, the scale gave up the ghost and only an error message appears.

I was coming back to say that the weight of the objects to be put in the drawers is not great - if you folded up your bed's comforter, for example, it would probably weigh more than the total of what is going in the drawers.

Re: Wheels For Storage Cubes

I did something like what you want to do, about 6 years ago, and it's still holding up. Those self adhesive wheels from the container store look sturdy, it you think they will fit the file boxes/cubes you need casters for, use them. I just went to my local hardware, home builders store and bought, inexpensive, sturdy casters and screwed them to the wood base of a heavy duty piece of wood shelving, cut to the size (length and width) I needed, then set the cubes on top of the shelving, which was weighted down when I placed the cubes on the shelving (once the cubes were fully loaded).
If and when I move, or wish to disassemble it, it's easy to do so, and I can reuse all components elsewhere. I painted the shelving white to match the white cubes I used. An easy, inexpensive project and it fit the bill. It should work for your situation.

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