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Maggie B
Re: What's on your must-do list in the spring?
Maggie B

Have the exterior of my house painted. Move some existing shrubs. Add a gazebo under my large old oak trees, and add a brick walkway, with low growing shrubs alongside it, to a sitting area I have already started. Get my vegegable garden started for early veggies.

Re: What's on your must-do list in the spring?

My must-do list for the spring other than the regular chores, such as mulching, removing errant leaves that were missed in the fall, trimming, etc. includes:

Put up a second blue bird house
I got one last year for my birthday. After the swallows took it over and I read that you should put them up in pairs, I asked for a second one for my birthday this year. This spring I'll put it up next to the other one and hope that a pair of blue birds nests in at least one!

Fine tune our system for watering
Since we dug our pond we've started using it to water the lawn and the plantings which has been great, but we really need to fine tune the system. This includes building something to go around the generater for the noise and creating a more efficient way of setting up all the hoses, connections, etc. Last year we did a lot of moving around and some spots were missed entirely.

Fence around new blueberry bushes
My kids love berries. To add to those that already grow wild around our property, I planted some blueberries and hope to plant more. A couple of the bushes must have been in the dog path and kept getting trampled. I need to put up a fence around them in hopes of saving them and getting some blueberries this year!

Re: What's on your must-do list in the spring?

Ride my Harley.......... That's it.

Over 100 horsies after a motor rebuild over the winter, to the rear tire, should make a difference.

Re: What's on your must-do list in the spring?

1. Do something to improve the appeal of the front of our house.
A. Remove the scraggly, prickly (ugly!) little bushes along the front of the house.
B. Hopefully, remove the rock beds, too.
C. Replace with edged and/or raised beds and softer plantings.

2. Continue working to kill off the last of the yucca plants around the base of the "tulip tree" in the front yard, and replace with softer plantings.

3. Replace the hand-railings on the front porch.

4. Clean the gutters and down-spouts.

5. Repair the small leaks at the corners of the gutters.

6. Rake and reseed the bare areas of the lawn.

7. Repair the back fence so the dogs will stay at home.

8. Scrap and repaint the wood trim around the garage doors, and the garage doors.

9. Convince my teen-aged sons that yard work is fun, and they should help their mother get it done. :) ;)

10. Figure out how to lay a stepping stone pathway from the front walkway and door to the driveway, down an incline.

11. Finish fixing the emergency "fix" on the roof leak we discovered over the winter, where an attic vent had been reused instead of replace and it was leaking through a nail hole in the "tin".

12. And probably about 10,000 other things that didn't get done by the previous owner and/or the things that we didn't know we should have done last year since this is the first real house we've owned! :D

Re: What's on your must-do list in the spring?

The first thing I usually do is to clean the yard from debris and trash. I usually go over the lawn with a long magnet to pick up stray nails.

The second thing I like to do is making a list of things that need to be done before November. I am in Kentucky and the cold weather stops me at about 85% in working on the house.

The third thing I do is to draw out a plan for planting shrubs and flowers getting the tree stumps ground down early so it won't hinder in mowing.

The fourth thing I do is to begin on interior painting, and Wallpaper and then a few weeks later plan on fixing the exterior like losse shingles gutters and for this year I am hoping to get the roof repaired. Which should actually be the first on the list above all projects.


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