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Re: What's on your must-do list in the fall?

My name is Adam and I enjoy fixing my house up. The hurricane season is upon us in Florida so I hope by the cooler months starting in November to do a number of things. Here is my to due list: Take the old door off the front and put on a new front door along with a storm door with a sliding screen "true screen", put in a new motor for the garage door the old motor is giving out and the door is steel and weighs close to 200 lbs., Put in the final 2 windows I ordered over a year ago. Hey I've replace 10 windows so far. The first 2 windows I really screwed up on and they are too tight, I don't know what I'll do to fix it.

I'd like to fix the tile floor and walls there is so much mildew I know I need to rip it down and start over. This is a big project so I'll have to study up on it some more before I tackle.

I know I went over board on things I need to do but I sort of have to wait for dryer weather that isn't so hot.

I love watching the show, I learn a lot and enjoy the projects I complete successfully.


Re: What's on your must-do list in the fall?

Hi there,
In November, after cleaning up the leaves in the yard, when the weather pushes us inside, we will be concentrating on finishing our kitchen. We gutted the kitchen several years ago to make it more of a "Craftsman" style kitchen complete with granite countertops. We got everything done except half the wainscottig and the trim which my husband was making himself. Unfortunatly just then we had two parents who had just had strokes and ended up taking care of them which didn't leave any time for the house. So in November we plan on trying to take control and catch up on those task which were put on the back burner. Besides finishing the kitchen we want to do our bathroom. Again, in retro with the clawfoot tub, hexagon tile, subway tile on the walls and so on. We are still deciding weather we can manage the fist floor flooring or relacing the ceiling in the living room. (we would love to do both)We would be so gratful for some guidance from the masters.


David and Patricia Fikar

Re: What's on your must-do list in the fall?

Peeling an Onion

My 18 year old son moved out of the house and we wanted to turn his old room into a guest room. I seemed like a fairly simple task but I was wrong.

When he lived with us we gave him permission to paint two opposite walls bright red and the other two walls black. All of these wall had the old fashion sand texture. He asked if he could have his friends/girlfriend sign the red wall with black marker. We said Ok, knowing it would need to be Kilzed.

When I went to kilz it I found he had punched some holes in the walls, which conviently covered up by posters. (start onion peel) Now my kilz and painting has turned into kilz, scrape off old texture, float every wall, retexture and repaint. This is still not so bad.

We decided to replace carpet in his room as the old carpet just did not seem to want to come clean. (Onion Peel Continues) I pulled up the old carpet and pad and found NO PLYWOOD on the subflooring, only some paperlike sound deadening board that gives under foot.

(More onion peel) I now am going to screw down all the old subflooring boards that have started working their way back up from foot trafic over the years. Then, I laid new plyood decking down on top of the subflooring, and laind laminate on top of that. It all looks really good.

Well, to make a medium length story long, I finished all of the drywall repair, the scraping, the floating, the texturing and the painting, and it looks great. The flooring is coming along nicely but the: (More Onion Peel), I realize the entire 4 bedrooms upstairs and the hall need the same flooring done to them. (Getting near to Center of Onion) My small inexpensive painting project has turned into a summer long project at a significant cost in money and time. (I hate Onions now). The guest room is nearly complete and I am now working on the hallway. I look forwarned to working on the other bedrooms upstairs this fall.

Maybe this will cheer some of your subscribers up. Onion peeling may not have happened to you yet. Ha Ha!

Rod Cooper in Houston, TX

Re: What's on your must-do list in the fall?

November is the last hurrah here in New England. Before the sprinklers are shut off for the winter, all outside porch furniture and windows need to be washed. Window screens are washed and put away. The gardens are cut back, raked and mulched where needed. The lawn has it's final cut and hopefully, the leaves are down and dealt with. All those bulbs ordered in August are in the ground-finally- and the shed is cleaned and organized before packing it with porch furniture. All hoses are drained and put away and there are more than a few last minute checks on gardens, yard stuff, etc. On one of those last rare warm November days-much more pleasant to be doing this when it's 50 out rather than 30 degrees. Then it's off to tackle the inside stuff-clean summer stuff out that hasn't been worn, fully transition to winter clothes-many like old friends coming out of boxes and storage. Oh, don't forget to stack that cord of wood purchased earlier in the fall and pick up all the fallen branches for kindling. Maybe this year, I'll get that final coat of stain on the front porch too with a bit of luck and warm weather.

Re: What's on your must-do list in the fall?

I have to insulate my home better. There's a toilet that has plumbing routed through an exterior wall that freezes every time the temperature gets below 2o degrees.

Re: What's on your must-do list in the fall?

What needs to be done or “must be done”?

What “must be done” are a few charity poker runs. Seeing my son and grand boys. A quick trip to Lake Powell and an early November trip for golf in Vegas.

The rest can wait.

Re: What's on your must-do list in the fall?

Since we're almost completely surrounded by some beautiful old Maple trees the number one item on my list is to get rid of the leaves! In the good old days we could burn them (love the smell) but now we must use other means. I mulch them by using my riding mower--and using it--and using it. After many tries the leaves are pretty much gone until the oak trees from my neighbor across the street come blowing over. Then there are the windows and trim that need painting and a review of all the caulking needs and perhaps a bit more insulation in the attic. Love the season, but usually run out of time to get it all done!

Re: What's on your must-do list in the fall?

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Can I just say, you guys are all pretty amazing. I really wish I could print everyone's to-dos...it's obvious you're a bunch of dedicated (and creative!) homeowners. Please keep sharing all your ideas and Happy Renovating!! :)


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