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What's a chassis?

I need to find some of that plastic material that we used to use on holes in a chassis to prevent wire chaffing when the hole was irregular so a grommet would not do. I don't remember the name of the stuff. So today I dropped into a Radio Shack hoping to find some.

I asked one of the guys working there if they had any, he turns to ask his boss and she looks at me and asks "What's a chassis?" Boy did I suddenly feel old.

BTW, anyone remember the name of that stuff and where I can get some?

A. Spruce
Re: What's a chassis?

I don't know what it is you're looking for, but if the hole is irregular and has sharp edges, you can use 1/4" drip tubing. Cut a piece the length you need to go around the hole, then slice the entire length of one side. Then, simply spread the tubing open and work it over the sharp edge. A couple dabs of Shoe Goo (glue ) or similar will hold the tubing in place.

If you need something more rigid or larger diameter, then go to an auto parts store and pick up some wire molding, it is already split for you and it will conform to just about any shape you need.

Re: What's a chassis?

Plastic/rubber sleeves?

Re: What's a chassis?

Make the hole nice and round if possible. then install a wire grommet.

Re: What's a chassis?

I think it is called railroad track. Here is a link to one brand: Grommet

Re: What's a chassis?

I've used the stuff that they sell in auto parts stores for protecting the edge of the car door.

Re: What's a chassis?

Caterpillar Grommet

Chassis Thickness Range: .042-.052
Thickness: .047

Model: 64-3025 | Catalog #: 64-3025
Assorted Grommets (31-Pack)

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Re: What's a chassis?
Condoman wrote:

I think it is called railroad track. Here is a link to one brand: Grommet

Thats it. I don't need a hundred pieces and certainly not at those prices. I think I will use the flexible wire loom or maybe I'll slit up some fish tubing instead.

Re: What's a chassis?

It is also called grommet strips. You might try and find an old TV and radio repairman and see if he has any. Or try some of the electronic chat rooms.

About the smallest retail you'll find is a 25Ft roll http://www.alliedelec.com/search/productdetail.aspx?SKU=70211348


Re: What's a chassis?
Re: What's a chassis?

So long as pull strain is otherwise accounted for and the heat won't be excessive, just fill the gap with hot glue while centering the wire. Use plenty so that it stays in place with the usual pulling and wiggling cords get subjected to.

Being a Ham Radio op, I know what a "chassis" is and I remember learning what a "Hot chassis" is the hard way...



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