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What's the best flooring over tile?

I live in an apartment, LL doesn't want me to take up the carpet but he won't lay new carpet. The carpet is 18 yrs old, worn and needs to be taken up.

Underneath is "restrictive tile"...so I want to know, if I take it up (against his wishes, it's dirty and needs to be taken up) what would be a good (cheap) covering? Or should I just lay down an area rug. There's a tenant underneath and she's very "sound" sensitive.

Room size: 14X14

Re: What's the best flooring over tile?

You have a couple of things going on there. The landlord who doesn't want anything changed,your downstairs neighbor, and last but not least, you and your preferences.

You have to be neat, quiet, stylish, and cost effective (since it's not money you're investing in your own building). You could look at some of the "floating floors" that you may be able to install with a minimum of mess and noise. They'll look like hardwood floors. You could also go to someplace like IKEA and buy some of the modular carpeting squares. You can install them with or without a little glue, right on top of the old tiles. They're easy to install, no really complex tools are needed, and you can do it all yourself or with friends.

If it were me, I'd be looking for the most cost effective way and this could be it.

Good Luck.

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