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What type of sheet rock should I use

So I have a flat roof and my question is what type of sheetrock should I use on the celling regular or the moisture proof that is used in bathrooms?? The roof has no ventilation, before i tore the celling off it had plaster and moisture was present. 9" rafters 15" on center.

Re: What type of sheet rock should I use

You can use any type of drywall you want. Mold will grow ON anything. All it needs is moisture and a food source. Dust makes a nice food source.

What will stop the mold will be adequate venting. Get rid of the water and there will be no mold.

What will help retard the mold will be a good paint job including primering with an oil based primer.

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Re: What type of sheet rock should I use

i agree with houston. vent or spray foam the roof and install any kind of drywall you want.

Re: What type of sheet rock should I use

To remove some of the food sourse for mold check on PAPERLESS DRYWALL.

Re: What type of sheet rock should I use

Check your local code.

In my city, "green board" can't be used on ceilings.

Re: What type of sheet rock should I use

It never hurts to use a better grade of sheetrock, but without remedying the moisture issue there's none made which is going to last. Even if there were, the roof/ceiling framing won't take the moisture so what's on top of it would fail along with it. With that problem fixed, standard sheetrock would probably do just fine- it's been working well on ceilings for well over 50 years now.

As an aside, where I am the only codes for sheetrock are for in damp situations, for firewall purposes, and that all sheetrock must be glued as well as properly screwed or nailed in place. I can see little merit in using greenboard for all ceilings but if code requires it then that's what you do. Makes me wonder when they're going to get bored and require that all sheetrock be fire-rated type "X" and moisture resistant as well just because they can....


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