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What type of Saw / Depth cutting installed Wood

I need to depth cut and remove 1" thick old wood siding on my house that is attached to the studs. The wall once was the exterior house wall but is now the interior wall because a side porch was build around it. I want to remove this old siding so I can install drywall and refinish my side porch.

NOTE: I need to cut at the bottom of the wall (about 3 inches from the bottom) so I cannot use a normal circular saw.

I was looking at something called a Jamb and undercut saw, but wasn't sure if there was something better.



Re: What type of Saw / Depth cutting installed Wood

Japanese saw might help. It's used to cut door casings, at the bottom.

Re: What type of Saw / Depth cutting installed Wood

A jamb saw would probaly be the best but you could also use an oscillating tool or even a reciprocating saw.


A. Spruce
Re: What type of Saw / Depth cutting installed Wood

You might look into a multi-tool. Short of that, a sawzall or jig saw would do it. A keyhole saw would work, but take a long time and a lot of effort. A Japanese saw, as suggested, would work. What you use will depend on how much you need to cut and whether or not you're willing to buy a specialty tool to do it.

If you have a regular circular saw or a battery type, this would work as well, since you say you only have to get within 3" of the floor. These saws can cut within 1-1/2" to the side of the blade and within 3" of the leading end of the saw. The butt end and motor sides of these saws won't have as much clearance, but if you can remove the bulk with a power tool, then hand saws to remove the remainder won't be that big of a deal.

This is the multi-tool I was referring too, all the major brands make one, as do many of the not so great brands.

Re: What type of Saw / Depth cutting installed Wood

Oscillating saw, Multimaster, Fein tool are all the same thing and once you've used one you'll wish you had it earlier. A "Jamb saw" is a different creature, but some can cut right down to floor level. Being a specialized tool those aren't cheap or common. The oddball blade for mine is ~$35 after shipping so I use a multimaster instead.

Use a circular saw for the bulk or the cutting and the multimaster for what you can't reach with it. Cheap multimaster blades are killed with one nail, so get good blades capable of metal-cutting; even though they cost more they are a bargain in the end. Rockwell makes good mid-grade blades for these.

Fein invented the oscillating saw and built their company on it's sales. They make top-quality tools and are expanding their product line. When their design patent on the oscillating saw ran out, other companies made clones, but Fein still rules the roost with these. Quality like Festool and similarly priced, but well worth it.


Re: What type of Saw / Depth cutting installed Wood

Oscillating saw makes fine cuts. Blades are also expensive for those, though - so be careful not to hit a nail.

Reciprocating saw works but is messy and hard to control - I use it for demo work where the final cut doesn't have to be pretty.

Re: What type of Saw / Depth cutting installed Wood

Why won't a regular circular saw work? My saw can get as close as about an inch and a half to an object. 3" should work. Granted you can't see the cut easily, but tacking a wood rail to the wall at the right place and using the fence as a guide would give you a straight cut. If straight isn't needed just snap a line and go for it.

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