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What type of plumbing?

I am needing to do some plumbing repairs to a manufactured homes kitchen sink plumbing. The incoming plumbing is a white, small diameter, flexible tubing that looks like PEX, but elbow connections that branch from the lines look to be glued. Shut off valves are grey PB that attach to the white tubing via a threaded connection. The outlet from the valve is a compression fitting with more of the white flexible pipe. How can I identify this white tubing? Can I assume it is PEX or is there another type of tubing?

Re: What type of plumbing?

"Pex" has become an umbrella term which includes many brands of flexible piping.

Contacting the home manufacturer will give you best guidance since I can't see under your sink from here. Even if I stand on my chair.

A. Spruce
Re: What type of plumbing?

Yes, it is probably PEX or similar. What is going to frost your nuts is that it will likely be an oddball size/diameter, which means that you will ONLY find replacement materials and fittings at a mobile home supply/repair facility. If you can use standard replacement materials, great, but don't expect it.

Re: What type of plumbing?

Sounds similar to the plumbing in an RV.

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